10 Charms Of Swag Kim Lip LOONA, Choose Absence Of Meet & Greet After Allegedly ‘Mentioned’

Kim Lip Was Confirmed To Be Absent From The Meet & Greet Schedule After It Was Suspected That The Idol Was ‘Mentally Hit’ Due To The Treatment Of Fans Who Were Considered Bad During The ‘LOONATHEWORLD’ Concert In Chicago.

The girl group LOONA is known to be holding the first world tour titled “LOONATHEWORLD”. This concert was certainly enthusiastically welcomed by Orbit (LOONA’s fan name). On Thursday (11/8), LOONA greeted Orbit in Chicago, United States. But unfortunately, Kim Lip looked unwell in the middle of the show.

Therefore, the concert organizer made a surprising new announcement. They revealed that Kim Lip will not be participating in “Meet & Greet” which will be held after the concert. The organizers revealed that Kim Lip was absent due to health problems .

However, a viewer uploaded a video showing another alleged absence of Kim Lip. The video shows how Kim Lip got bad treatment from fans who were present at the concert. Kim Lip was also called “mentally hit” because he seemed to wipe his tears when he went backstage. As a result, netizens hope Kim Lip rests well so he doesn’t experience serious health problems.

Apart from that, Kim Lip is the sixth member to be introduced to the public at the beginning of their debut. He has captured the hearts of the public due to his outstanding talent and stunning visuals. Being highlighted, let’s take a peek at Kim Lip’s swag charm below!\

1. 23 Years Old

Kim Lip is known to have been born with the name Kim Jung Eun on February 10, 1999. According to international age calculations, he is already 23 years old. Kim Lip is also an eonnie line in LOONA.

2. Dance To Diet

This Aquarius idol decided to join a dance class when he was in 6th grade. This is because the mother asked Kim Lip to go on a diet. However, this actually sparked Kim Lip’s love for dance and sound. He also began to dream of becoming a K-Pop idol.

3. Good At Swimming

Kim Lip is known as an idol who is good at swimming. The reason, he entered the school swimming team for seven years. Kim Lip himself hopes that swimming will be held again in the ” Idol Star Athletics Championships ” aka ” ISAC ” program so that he can represent LOONA.

4. Golden Voice

Having vocals on point is one of Kim Lip’s charms. She has released “Eclipse” and “Twilight” on May 26, 2017 as pre-debut singles. Kim Lip is also a vocal line in LOONA.

5. Multitalented Figure

The celebrity from Seoul, South Korea is a multitalented figure. Kim Lip can play piano, guitar, and violin. He is also good at writing song lyrics. His name is also credited as a songwriter on LOONA’s singles “Not Friends”, “Playback”, and “Kiss Me Happy”.

6. Animal Lover

The singer of the song “Flip That” is known to have a dog named Janggun. Kim Lip is also easy to get along with cats and other animals. This proves that he is an animal lover.

7. Tsundere

Kim Lip admits that he is a tsundere figure , aka being cold at first, but over time he will warm up to other people. The reason is, he is not used to expressing his attention and love for his parents openly. Kim Lip will turn awkward if he has to say ” I Love You ” to his mother.

8. Social Butterfly

This idol with blood type B is a social butterfly figure . Kim Lip claimed to be friends with Yeonjung WJSN ( Cosmic Girls ), JooE MOMOLAND , Choi Yena ex IZ*ONE , and Sihyeon EVERGLOW . He has also been friends with Chuu since middle school.

9. Spread Your Wings To Acting

The Hanlim Multi Art School alumnus has also expanded into the acting world in 2017. Kim Lip made his acting debut as a student in the web drama ” Do You Remember When We First Met? ” for 3 seasons at once.

10. Called Similar To TWICE’s Dahyun

Finding similarities between fellow K-Pop idols is something that often happens. Kim Lip has been called similar to TWICE ‘s Dahyun and K.ARD’s Somin several times . He is also often judged to be similar to Rose BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ), Baek Yerin , to Moon Ga Young . What do you think?

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