10 Charms Of Swag Trainee Beomhan, Highlighted After Commenting On The Idol Dating Phenomenon

Beomhan, A K-Pop Trainee From FM Entertainment, Suddenly Became A Topic Of Conversation Because He Was Considered Brave After Discussing The Phenomenon Of Dating Idols.

The figure of Beomhan , a K-Pop trainee became a hot topic. The reason is, the idol candidate has attracted public attention because he has been actively playing social media. But unfortunately, Beomhan has been criticized lately after expressing his opinion about idol life.

It started when Beomhan discussed the dating phenomenon in the K-Pop industry. He considered that it was unfair to the fans. In Beomhan’s view, idols don’t have to date because they have connections with fans. If an idol continues to date, it can be said that he is betraying his fans .

Beomhan’s opinion immediately received a cynical reaction from netizens. In response to this, Beomhan immediately apologized personally through his personal Instagram. He also realized that his opinion could not be justified because he was not yet an official idol.

Meanwhile, Beomhan has been a trainee from the FM Entertainment agency since 2019. He is a member of a pre-debut group called MONT Arena which has toured with soloist Jay Chang to the United States in 2021 ago. Being highlighted, here are a series of Beomhan swag charms below!

1. 21 Years Old

Beomhan was born on January 31, 2001 in New York, United States. According to international age calculations. he is already 21 years old. The age that can be said is right to start a career as a K-Pop idol.

2. Half-Blood Artist

The owner of the real name Harald Wu is a crossbreed figure of China and America. Even so, he has American citizenship. Beomhan admitted that he had moved to a small town in China and spent the first three years of his life there. Then he returned home to New York and now lives in South Korea to pursue his dream.

3. Multilingual Celebrities

Therefore, Beomhan is called a multilingual celebrity. He is fluent in 3 languages, namely English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Beomhan even taught the members of MONT Arena to speak English. So they can help him learn Korean in return.

4. Influencer Hits

Please note that Beomhan has gained 300 thousand followers on Instagram . Like a hit influencer , Beomhan’s TikTok account already has a fantastic number of followers , reaching 2 million.

5. Skilled Dancer

Beomhan did undergo a trainee as a rapper. However, his dancing ability is not tinny and deserves to be called a handa;. He often shares dance covers on his TikTok and Instagram accounts. Beomhan even opened a dance class in July 2021.

6. Greet Fans Often

Beomhan is known to be very active in greeting his fans through social media. He usually goes live on Instagram on Saturdays, then starts a live broadcast on TikTok every Wednesday. While Monday and Friday are the schedule for Beomhan to live on Twitch.

7. Has Released Song

The Aquarius TikToker has already released 3 pre-debut songs. In 2021 ago, Beomhan published 2 digital singles entitled “Ashes” and “Sun’s Up”. While the song “The Awakening” was released on July 22 yesterday.

8. Have A Unique Nickname

Beomhan claimed to have a unique nickname from his agency staff. Through his live broadcasts, he is dubbed the brain of a goldfish because he is very forgetful. Instead of being angry, Beomhan accepted the call because he was easy to forget.

9. Pizza Lovers

Being a trainee doesn’t make Beomhan always eat diet foods. He admitted that he really likes pizza and hot dogs, which are known as fast food. Even so, Beomhan doesn’t like pineapple as a topping for his pizza.

10. Fanboy Figure

This basketball lover admits himself as a K-Pop fanboy . Beomhan named BIG BANG as his favorite group and idolized the leader , G-Dragon . Not only that, Beomhan also admires Jungkook BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) and Changbin Stray Kids .

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