10 Close Portraits Of Chungha With Male Celebs, Suspected Of Dating MONSTA X’s Joohoney After A Joint Invitation

A Photo Circulated Showing Chungha And Joohoney MOSNTA X At A Wedding Together. The Public Also Responded With Various Comments. Some Judge If Maybe They Are Dating.

On Wednesday (13/7), photos circulated from one of the weddings in October 2021 that Chungha ( Kim Chung Ha ) appeared to be attending the wedding. Singing at the wedding, the bride is strongly suspected to be Chungha’s friend. In the circulating photo , Chungha was caught at a friend’s wedding with MONSTA X ‘s Joohoney .

In the photo that was spread, Joohoney also shook hands with the bride who is a friend of Chungha. The handsome idol also looks familiar so the public suspects that Joohoney’s friends are also Chungha’s friends. The public is questioning what kind of relationship Chungha and Joohoney have. Some judge if maybe they are dating. There are also those who think that Joohoney might just hang out with Chungha’s friends in the past.

Chungha herself is known to be humble and like a social butterfly . He has many friends from among the artists who are not limited by gender. Chungha looks warmly friendly with male celebrities. Here’s a series of portraits:

1. Collaboration With Rain

In 2021, Rain released his new mini album Rain entitled “PIECES by RAIN”. Kim Tae Hee’s husband took Chungha for the title song “Why Don’t We”. The single “Why Don’t We” is a song that combines progressive house and R&B songs.

2. Collaboration With Super Junior’s Yesung

Super Junior ‘s Yesung also collaborated with Chungha on the song “Whatcha Doin” on December 17, 2018. The two collaborated on an upbeat pop song, about someone who sulks because he can’t contact his idol. Seen in the photo, Yesung and Chungha show the sweet chemistry between lovers.

3. Good Friends With VIXX’s Ravi

Chungha and VIXX ‘s Ravi have a good friendly relationship. The two also had time to collaborate on the song “Live”. In a KBS radio show “Listen”, Chungha said that Ravi is a senior she respects. Ravi then explained the reason why he chose Chungha as the singer he wanted to collaborate with. He also praised Chungha’s singing ability and beautiful voice.

4. Fun Dance With Kim Jaehwan

Kim Jaehwan, ex – WANNA ONE , is seen showing his closeness with Chungha. They were engrossed in dancing to Chungha’s song “Killing Me”. Kim Jaehwan and Chungha looked cute so that fans too were excited.

5. Become An Ad Star With LOCO

Chungha and LOCO look swag in the photo above. Investigate a calibaration, both of them lined up to be the new Reebok ad star. In the caption, LOCO and Chungha are two artists who receive immense support and love from the younger generation for their uniqueness, musical style, including their sensibility, and fashion.

6. Support Single Zico

Chungha showed her support for Zico for the single “Any Song”. The two were seen dancing together to the accompaniment of Zico’s song. Without a doubt, Chungha even looks very excited and enjoys dancing together. Their cuteness while dancing drew angry reactions from netizens.

7. ‘Couple’ With Grizzly

Grizzly and Chungha once collaborated on the single “Run” which has a summer synth pop genre. The two of them display chemistry like a couple. Chunga and Grizzle looked compact wearing white match casual clothes and jeans.

8. Sweet Selfie With Kino PENTAGON

Chungha evokes a sweet selfie with PENTAGON’s Kino . The two of them look sweet and very friendly. When chosen to make a special stage in ” Show Champion “, Kino covered Chungha’s song “Gotta Go”.

9. Get To Know Senior Singer Kim Johan

Once on a KBS show stage with senior singer Kim Johan , Chungha captured the moment together. In the statement, Chungha admitted that she was honored to be with the Korean-American singer and songwriter. Chungha looks very familiar with senior artists.

10. Collaboration With Paul Kim

Chungha and Paul Kim were once confirmed to be releasing a collaboration song titled “Loveship”. The song features Chungha and Paul Kim as they separate and get back together. “Loveship” tells the story of how the two couples met when they were children to teenagers.

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