10 ITZY Yeji Hairstyles, Latest Make Pangling With Middle Bangs

Yeji ITZY Again Made Fans’ Hearts Flutter Because She Appeared With The Latest Hairstyle. This Beautiful Idol Successfully Exudes An Extraordinary Girl Crush Charm.

On June 9, the STUDIO CHOOM YouTube channel featured Yeji and Shin Ryujin ITZY as the main characters of the content titled MIX&MAX. Both of them performed well in dancing to the songs “Mix and Max” and “Break My Heart Myself” by Bebe Rexha .

Interestingly, Yeji and Ryujin came up with a twin concept inspired by the movie ” Terminal “. In fact, both of them even graced the stage and the typical choreography of twins. Yeji’s charismatic expression and chic appearance were successfully displayed.

Moreover, Yeji decided to lower her bangs since her debut as a K-Pop idol. Yeji is predicted to be successful in emitting a strong girl crush aura and in accordance with the choreography concept. The middle is highlighted, here are a series of Yeji’s hairstyles from debut to middle bangs. Take a peek below!

  1. The Iconic Two Pigtails
    The iconic hairstyle in Yeji’s image is two pigtails . When debuted, Yeji consistently stunned the public with high two pigtails because she emphasized that her visual was called cat-like. However, she is also flawless in the lower two pigtails sign .
  2. Pucca Ala Yeji
    Pucca or two bun hairstyles also make fans speechless . This hairstyle is often used by Yeji when promoting the song “Dalla Dalla”. In 2022, Yeji slightly modifies the pucca style because she leaves a few strands of hair that are neatly braided.
  3. Captivate With Bun Hairstyle
    The owner’s full name Hwang Yeji has again captivated the public’s attention with his bun hairstyle , aka one bun. Yeji looks elegant in a lower bun . On the other hand, she looks adorable when she applies a high bun to her hair. If you like Yeji with which hairdo?
  4. Graceful With Headbands
    The ITZY leader exudes a princess-like graceful aura when wearing a white headband . The accessories matched Yeji’s dark hair, which made volume at the bottom. Yeji’s simple appearance was a flood of praise from fans because she was considered more charming .
  5. Yeji ‘S Flagship High Ponytail
    This is the hairstyle that is firmly attached to Yeji. This 2000-born idol is indeed praised for being more radiant with his hair styled in a high ponytail because his beautiful face looks firm. No doubt it is Yeji’s mainstay hairstyle on various occasions.
  6. Chunky Pigtail Braids Nice
    Yeji is known to always change her hair color every comeback . However, he also often applies different hairstyles. This time, Yeji styled her two tone color hair in super cute chunky pigtail braids .
  7. Straight Neat For Formal Events
    There are times when Yeji is not too excited about styling her hair, especially when attending formal events. As a result, the singer of the song “Not Shy” just straightened her middle parted hair neatly and looked like it matched the suit she was wearing.
  8. Curly Wavy
    The Gemini zodiac idol seems to have realized that his orange hair is quite striking. Therefore, Yeji decided to give her crown a little touch by curling a neat wavy style.
  9. Short Semi Layer
    Accustomed to long hair, Yeji certainly made fans nervous when she cut it to shoulder length . This friend of Lee Dae Hwi AB6IX even cut it in a semi-layer model and made Yeji look fresh , typical of young people.
  10. Middle Bangs Make Pangling
    Yeji succeeded in making a pangling after lowering her bangs. Apparently, this middle bangs hairstyle was last worn by Yeji when she was in middle school. That way, she hasn’t worn bangs for seven years and is used to showing off her beautiful forehead.

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