10 Portraits Of Kim So Hyun’s Acting Transformation, Missed Because She Never Comeback

Kim So Hyun Has Become A Hot Topic Again Because She Has Not Made An Acting Comeback. This Happened After The Famous Celebrity Moved To The Culture Depot Agency.

Kim So Hyun suddenly became a hot topic. This is because fans are worried because Kim So Hyun has not made an acting comeback and is increasingly appearing on the small screen.

Fans think that Kim So Hyun’s achievements as an actress may have difficulty gaining popularity again if there is no intervention from the company. This is because Kim So Hyun looks to be one of the artists who is considered to be receiving less attention from her new agency, Culture Depot.

The reason is, Kim So Hyun has rarely appeared on TV since joining the Culture Depot agency in January 2021. Indirectly, Kim So Hyun can be considered a temporary hiatus even though it has been one year since she joined Culture Depot. In fact, the agency is known to house various famous artists including Jun Ji Hyun , Seo Ji Hye , and Yoon Ji On .

In addition to worrying about his career, fans are also starting to miss Kim So Hyun’s acting. While waiting for a comeback because there is no comeback , take a peek at the following series of acting transformations in the Korean showbiz industry!

  1. ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’
    Kim So Hyun is known to have made her acting debut in 2007, at the age of 8. However, her name became known to the public when she played the youth of Kim Min Seo in ” The Moon Embracing The Sun “. For her great acting, Kim So Hyun also managed to bring home her first award, Best Child Actress at the 2012 MBC Drama Awards.
  2. ‘I Miss You’
    The 1999-born artist again stole the public’s attention for his role as the teenage version of Yoon Eun Hye in the drama ” I Miss You “. Kim So Hyun succeeded in making viewers emotional for her hard life and complicated love story. This drama is also Kim So Hyun’s reunion with Yeo Jin Goo after acting in “The Moon Embracing The Sun”.
  3. ‘The Suspicious Housekeeper’
    In 2013, Kim So Hyun greeted the public as Eun Han Gyeol in the SBS drama ” The Suspicious Housekeeper “. she was lined up to play Lee Sung Jae ‘s first daughter . Kim So Hyun also won the New Star Award from the 2013 SBS Drama Awards thanks to her acting.
  4. ‘School 2015’
    ” School 2015 ” became another K-Drama Kim So Hyun that catapulted his name. In the drama, he played a pair of twins named Lee Eun Bi and Ko Eun Byeol. Kim So Hyun admitted that she really enjoyed her role in “School 2015”, even though she was only 15 years old.

It’s not surprising that Kim So Hyun won many trophies thanks to her role. She won the Best New Actress, Netizen Award, Best Couple Award (paired with BTOB ‘s Sungjae ) at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Kim So Hyun also received the Star of the Year award from the 2015 Korea Drama Awards.

  1. ‘Pure Love’
    Not only wandering around the world on television, Kim So Hyun also kicked off the big screen. In 2016, he was paired with EXO ‘s DO in the film ” Pure Love ” which revolves around the teenage love of a teenager. Interestingly, Kim So Hyun only understood the vibration of first love through her role in the film.
  2. ‘Bring It On, Ghost’
    Kim So Hyun began to try out other drama genres. This time, he participated in a horror-themed drama and became a haunting ghost named Kim Hyun Ji in the drama ” Bring it on, Ghost “. He was paired with 2PM’s Taecyeon and received public praise.
  3. ‘Radio Romance’
    Once again, Kim So Hyun was paired with an idol-actor. This time, the Australian-born artist collided with Yoon Doo Joon Highlight in the drama ” Radio Romance “. He is trusted to play the character of Song Geu Rim, a radio writer with five years experience as an assistant writer.
  4. ‘Love Alarm’
    Kim So Hyun is again trapped in a love triangle. In the series ” Love Alarm ” seasons one and two, he is involved in a complicated relationship with Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram . Although his acting was praised, Kim So Hyun had experienced difficulties in carrying the character of Kim Jo Jo.
  5. ‘The Tale Of Nokdu’
    The Gemini zodiac actress shows her totality by cutting her hair short . This is in order to perfect his role as Dong Dong Ju in the drama ” The Tale of Nokdu ” which aired in 2019. The drama succeeded in bringing Kim So Hyun to an Excellent Actress and Best Couple Award (paired with Jang Dong Yoon ) at the 2019 KBS Drama Awards.
  6. ‘River Where The Moon Rises’
    This is Kim So Hyun’s last drama before disappearing without news in 2022. ” River Where The Moon Rises ” makes Kim So Hyun play 3 roles at once, namely Pyong Gang, Yeom Ga Jin, and Queen Yeon. Na In Woo as Kim So Hyun’s co-star also praised the actress as a great and hardworking figure.

As a result, Kim So Hyun won many trophies thanks to her hard work. She took home the Best Actress, Netizen Award, Best Couple at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards. Kim So Hyun also brought trophies from the 2021 Korea Broadcasting Awards in the form of Best Actress and Popularity Award.

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