3 NCT Members Join, Sungchan And Shotaro Play This Branch At ‘ISAC 2022’

Sungchan, Shotaro, And This NCT Member Will Certainly Give A Special Appearance At This Year’s ISAC. Two Of Them Show Off Practicing This Sport.

Previously, the media reported that NCT would be one of the K-Pop idol groups to enliven the sports competition event ” Idol Star Athletics Championships ” (ISAC). SM Entertainment later confirmed the news.

SM Entertainment said that 3 members of NCT will be enlivening “ISAC”. They are Jungwoo , Shotaro , and Sungchan .

Sungchan himself revealed to fans through Bubble that they train hard but are careful not to get injured. Both of them are also very enthusiastic considering this is their first experience in “ISAC”.

” Did you hear the news that we are going to ISAC? With Jungwoo Hyung and Taro Hyung hehe. We are practicing hard so that we can achieve good results. You will really look forward to it, right? ” Sungchan said on (26/7).

Yesterday, Friday (29/7) Shotaro also showed a video showing that he was practicing archery. Sungchan through Bubble also did the same. This implies that Shotaro and Sungchan will take part in archery at this year’s “ISAC”.

” What are you doing? Eungeung. It’s very hot today, isn’t it? ” said Sungchan.

The 2001-born idol made sure that he tried hard for “ISAC”. Sungchan said he didn’t want to disappoint fans and practiced diligently.

” Haha do you think I will be able to do well or not? I worked hard. So I have to do well!! ” Sungchan said.

” You guys will come to support me so I won’t make mistakes~? Ah I feel empowered. Thank you!! I will do my best, ” concluded Sungchan by giving a green heart emoji.

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