5 Most Muscular Anime Characters with Great Physical Strength

The most muscular anime characters are usually supported by formidable physical strength. Although a person’s strength is not measured by the size of the muscles they have, still a character who has a large body and muscles will be difficult to beat in anime. Some of these characters are ordained as the strongest in their world.

Those characters can gain big muscles thanks to training hard. They need it to fight against the enemy. However, muscle and physical strength alone are not enough. They also have to equip themselves with other skills such as self-defense.

The physically stronger the anime character will usually be the bigger the muscles he has. Although in a battle physical strength is not the determinant of victory, it still plays an important role in showing the superiority of strength. Here are the most muscular anime characters and become the strongest.

  1. Yujiro Hanma — Baki

This anime has a muscular character. But, of all, the most powerful in this series is Yujiro Hanma. This Baki’s father even earned the title of being the strongest person on earth.

Not only does he have great strength, his muscles are also big. He has done many spectacular things. One of them was to stop the missile with his physical strength alone.

  1. Superalloy Darkshine — One Punch Man

Superalloy Darkshine’s massive muscles can serve as a barrier against powerful attacks. One of them, a Dragon level threat. Superalloys are known for their tank-like strength. This S-class hero of the Hero Association did not appear very often. But his strength and rank already proved he was muscular and strong.

  1. Alex Louis Armstrong — Fullmetal Alchemist

Despite having big muscles and a fierce face, this character has a soft heart. He had resigned from the war with the Ishval people because he could not bear to see so many massacres.

This little sister of Olivier Mira Armstrong is indeed not the strongest alchemist. But for physical strength can be said to be the strongest. He could even match a one-on-one fight with Sloth, who was the homunculus with the strongest physical strength.

  1. All Might — My Hero Academia

This former number one hero in Japan has the strongest Quirk, namely One For All. So powerful is this Quirk, that he can transform All Might’s body. The hero who was originally thin and small had to train his physical abilities to become big and muscular.

All Might, who is known as the symbol of peace, has never lost to any criminal. At the moment before retiring, he managed to defeat the strongest villain All for One. Even though it took up almost all of his strength.

  1. Escanor — Seven Deadly Sins

Without the sunlight he might just be a helpless little and skinny man. However, it was a different story when the sun began to shine on his body. He began to transform into a muscular character with a large build.

Escanor is also considered to have the strongest physical strength in this series. At the beginning of his appearance he managed to defeat two of the members of the 10 Commandments. At night, he will turn into an old bartender.

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