8 Styles Of Eunji Brave Girls’ Fun Vacation, Highlighted For ‘Chaos’ With Paranormal

The Figure Of Eunji Brave Girls Suddenly Became A Hot Topic Of Discussion. This Is Because A Psychic Claimed To Have Predicted The Idol’s Success. However, Eunji’s Agency Denied It.

Recently, Brave Girls’ Eunji seemed to be “chaotic” with a psychic. This is due to the psychic claiming that Eunji came to see him to predict Brave Girls’ late success. However, Brave Entertainment stated that the claim was not true.

Previously, the psychic also claimed that Eunji came to him. It was aimed at reading Eunji’s fortune in the first episode of “Idols Picks by the Gods” of the YouTube channel “BABAYO”. The psychic’s confession was also investigated by the agency. According to Eunji’s confession, she did not know the psychic at all and had never met her.

For that, Brave Entertainment apologized from the psychic. The reason, Eunji is called a secondary loss. Apart from that, Eunji is indeed an idol figure who is loved by her fans. No wonder he is quite active on Instagram to provide fans with the latest news. Here are a series of fun holiday styles ala Eunji.

  1. Chic Colorful

Welcoming summer, Eunji’s chic and colorful style . The “Rollin'” singer wore a sleeveless magenta and light pants. In order to have a summer vibe , Eunji brought sunglasses and her hair was styled in two braids.

  1. Mamba Ala Eunji Girl

The owner’s full name Hong Eun Ji appeared swag like a mamba girl, aka all black. Eunji did not forget to wear a neon green sling bag so that her fashion style is not monotonous. You can imitate this style if you are on vacation with your family.

  1. Vacation To The Beach

The beach is a favorite tourist spot for all people. Eunji also, of course, stopped by for a trip there. On that occasion, she wore a bright blue beach dress and lined with a patterned cardigan . Eunji also wears rubber boots. Apparently, he visited the beach in the fall.

  1. Rain? No Problem!

Rain doesn’t seem like an obstacle for Eunji to enjoy her free time. The 1992-born idol was even fun playing outdoors even though it was drizzling. Eunji also looks bold by wearing a denim dress with a small lace.

  1. Casual When Going To Exhibition

Art exhibitions are often held in South Korea. On one occasion, Eunji visited a painting exhibition in casual clothes. He wore jeans and an earth tone shirt .

  1. Instagenic

In August 2021, Eunji visited a village. Even so, the main dancer of the Brave Girls looked fashionable in a yellow summer dress with a matching headband. Eunji looks instagenic just by standing casually in the rice field area.

  1. Invite A Pet Dog

Eunji is known as an animal lover because she keeps a dog. Therefore, he took his beloved dog several times to hang out . Eunji and the dog usually stop by a pet-friendly cafe.

  1. Culinary Tour

One of Eunji’s favorite vacation styles is culinary tourism. The “Chi Mat Ba Ram” singer often visits restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. Eunji seems to be a sweet lover because she likes to order dessert .

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