A Series Of Funny Arguments Between SEVENTEEN Members Actually Exudes Their Level Of Closeness

SEVENTEEN Is Never Worried About Showing Fans Moments Of Arguments Or Petty Fights Between Members. Proving That The Level Of Closeness Of Their Relationship Is Like Family.

Over the years together, the relationship between SEVENTEEN members has certainly been above ordinary colleagues and friends. Quarrels and arguments that complement their relationship are proof of the closeness of brotherhood and kinship between SEVENTEEN members.

SEVENTEEN are not afraid to talk about their fights, disputes or petty arguments on broadcast. After all, every fight only brings them closer. So to their fans, CARAT is SEVENTEEN members’ way of sharing familiar and often humorous stories with fans.

On a recent Weverse live for example. Seungkwan , Jeonghan , S.Coups , and Dino somehow started some different arguments and also gave leaks about the other members.

The first argument came when Jeonghan brought up the fact that Seungkwan didn’t talk to him in the dorm. Seungkwan quickly turns things around, making Jeonghan talk about what really pissed him off.

When Seungkwan asks Jeonghan to drink with him, Jeonghan always agrees. However, when Jeonghan asked Seungkwan to have a drink with him, he was refused. He was also rejected by Dino, but the next day, he saw the two of them go drinking together. That’s why he usually asks DK to drink with him instead of Seungkwan and Dino.

But Seungkwan then pouted and accused Jeonghan of liking DK more than the others. In Seungkwan and Dino’s defense, they rejected Jeonghan due to schedule conflicts.

The second fight occurred between Seungkwan and S.Coups fighting about how many friends they had. When the funny fight took place, S.Coups also claimed to be satisfied with only having Joshua and Jeonghan as friends. Of course, S.Coups loves all the members and explains it after teasing Seungkwan a little longer.

Seungkwan and S.Coups also talked about the other members fighting a lot. To everyone’s surprise, Hoshi and Jun often fought because they were both excited about the performance.

Despite all their bickering, the members have great respect for each other. When Seungkwan wanted to sing even though it was late at night, Jeonghan contacted the other members to ask for their understanding. Jeonghan is the type of friend who has the perfect balance of caring and affection. For all the fun, Jeonghan also makes sure the other members know how much he loves them.

SEVENTEEN are never afraid to share their arguments with CARAT, and that is a testament to their close relationship with each other. With just this Weverse live, it’s clear to everyone that SEVENTEEN’s relationship is already at the level of a typical family.

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