Accused Of Being A Bully, Nam Joo Hyuk Officially Files Lawsuits Against These Three People

On Friday (24/6), Management SOOP Revealed That Nam Joo Hyuk Had Filed A Lawsuit Against The Spreader Of False Rumors About Him. The Following Is The Full Statement Of The Agency.

On June 20, a surprising report emerged about Nam Joo Hyuk . The Days News Korea reported that Nam Joo Hyuk had been a bully after receiving information from an anonymous informant (A).

But it didn’t take long for Management SOOP as Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency to deny the accusations. The agency did not even hesitate to take strict legal action against those who spread false rumors about the actor.

Now on Friday (24/6), Management SOOP revealed an update on this issue. The agency stated that Nam Joo Hyuk has taken legal action against the people who first spread the false rumors. Check out the agency’s full statement below:

The agency stated, “Actor Nam Joo Hyuk has filed criminal charges against The Days News Korea reporter Min OO who wrote the false article, the CEO of this media outlet and an anonymous informant, for violating the Information Network Use Promotion and Information Protection Act (which slanders a person’s reputation). ).”

The agency then hopes that this case will be resolved soon so that Nam Joo Hyuk will get his good name again. We sincerely hope that the truth of this case will be revealed clearly through a speedy investigation and that actor Nam Joo Hyuk’s tarnished reputation will be restored.

Meanwhile, the informant of this case claimed that Nam Joo Hyuk committed acts of violence at school for 6 years during middle and high school. The accusations made included hitting, swearing, taking money, and more.

The informant also claimed that there were more victims besides himself and explained that some of the victims underwent psychiatric treatment because of the violence. To prove his claim, he shows them their school yearbook.

On the other hand, Nam Joo Hyuk who is a former model, has appeared in a number of dramas and is active as an actor. Recently, his popularity has increased after playing the role of Baek Yi Jin in the hit tvN drama ” Twenty-Five, Twenty-One “.

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