Accused Of Bullying, Nam Joo Hyuk’s Change In Attitude After Being Famous Was Alluded To By These Two Fellow Artists

Nam Joo Hyuk Is Currently Receiving New Accusations Regarding The Harassment Of His Female Friend Which Was Made In The Form Of A Group Chat After He Was Rumored To Be The Bully.

Nam Joo Hyuk is now a hot topic of conversation because he was said to have been a bully in the past. Even though there were many rumors, both the agency and some of Nam Joo Hyuk’s school friends gave testimony regarding the rumors that were not true.

However, despite receiving many defenses, Nam Joo Hyuk is still getting new attacks based on other rumors. Now Nam Joo Hyuk’s friendship is associated with one of the actors, Jang Ki Yong .

Jang Ki Yong who is friends with Nam Joo Hyuk because they are from the same agency also said that Nam Joo Hyuk has changed since he became famous. In the program ” Welcome Back to School ” in 2015, he talked about how he had been an actor in the same agency with Nam Joo Hyuk.

“I work at the same agency as Nam Joo Hyuk. Joo Hyuk has improved a bit after one year of promotions. He seems to have lost his initial resolve after that,” he said.

On the other hand, there is also a good assessment of Nam Joo Hyuk, which was expressed by Park Byung Eun who was involved in the film project ” The Great Battle “. There, Park Byung Eun revealed that Nam Joo Hyuk had a friendly and light-hearted attitude.

“We cooked something in Nam Joo-hyuk’s room and we didn’t even clean it afterwards. He said it was okay even though we piled up a lot of garbage. He was very kind,” said Park Byung Eun.

From several good testimonies from school friends to fellow artists who once worked with him once again showing Nam Joo Hyuk’s friendly and kind personality. Coupled with a testimony from a staff who said that the actor was not the type of person who likes to talk carelessly or likes to hit.

“Nam Joo Hyuk is a friend who is careful and considerate, unlike his appearance. He is not the type of person who likes to hit anyone or talk carelessly. He is famous for always being considerate and respectful of other staff on the field,” said another staff.

Meanwhile, the case has been investigated by Dispatch who interviewed 18 of the actor’s schoolmates and 2 teachers at the actor’s high school. However, now new accusations have emerged regarding a chat group that accuses Nam Joo Hyuk of harassing his female friend.

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