Add Jisung Minus Lucas-Winwin, This Is The Choreographer’s Weird Way For The NCT Stage At SMTOWN LIVE

NCT Gave A Special Appearance With Full Members At The SMTOWN LIVE 2022 Concert Performing ‘Resonance’, The Choreographer Showed The Struggle To Create A New Choreography.

NCT finally performed together as a full member at the SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concert. This was the first time NCT as a full member gave a live performance in front of fans at a concert.

NCT performed the song ” Resonance ” for their performance as a full member. This appearance certainly makes fans fall in love with fans.

NCT showed their alluring charm with the all-black outfit “Resonance”. NCT also showed off their quality by performing live while dancing energetically.

“Resonance” choreography for this SMTOWN LIVE performance. The reason, the formation of the members also changed.

The choreographer “Resonance” also revealed a unique way of making new choreography specifically for SMTOWN LIVE 2022. The choreographer even used empty glasses with the names of NCT members to make the choreography interesting.

This new choreography is not only because the stage composition is not too empty, but the difference in the number of members who perform “Resonance”.

In the “Resonance” promotion in 2020, NCT is known to be complete as 23 members. However, at that time the maknae , Jisung , did not participate in the dance due to a knee injury .

In “Resonance” 2022, the choreographer must change the initial choreography by including Jisung in it. In addition, the position of Lucas and Winwin must also be changed considering that they did not appear. Winwin is known to have been absent due to his solo activities in China since early last year. Meanwhile, Lucas is still on hiatus due to the gaslighting case since the second half of last year.

Meanwhile, one of NCT’s sub-units, NCT 127 , will soon make a comeback with the album “2 Baddies”. NCT 127’s fourth studio album will be released on September 16.

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