Aespa Called Still Facing Talent Crisis Due To Lipsync Controversy

Since Appearing At Coachella In April 2022, Aespa’s Skills Really Count. But The Lipsync Controversy Continues To Haunt The Girl Group Made By SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment’s girl group aespa has quickly become one of the top groups in the fourth generation of K-Pop. But Aespa is said to have to act quickly if they want to get out of the crisis of talent controversy.

Since debuting with “Black Mamba” in November 2020, aespa has arguably gone through a flowery path. They set a record entering the Billboard charts immediately with their debut song, and quickly topped music broadcasts and music charts.

aespa also scored several hits for every song released such as “Next Level” and “Savage.” They quickly became the representative group of the 4th generation idol market.

Less than two years after their debut, aespa have already secured a string of positions. However controversy was unavoidable by aespa, who have been promoting as a “skilled group” since their debut.

Since appearing at Coachella in April 2022, aespa’s skills really count. At that time, aespa was invited as the first major headliner among K-Pop girl groups, attracting great attention.

But when they performed all the stages live, some of the members’ voices seemed to tremble, which raised questions about aespa skills.

Some opinions make sense that it was the aespa that made its debut in a pandemic situation. So they haven’t been able to show their optimal ability on a large-scale live outdoor stage. However, Aespa’s “skilled idol” image is starting to be doubted.

The lipsync controversy at the university festival recently added to the controversy. aespa was criticized by netizens and the audience for not singing live even though it had been paid dearly.

Netizens point out that it is insincere for a singer to appear lip synced. Netizens even suspect they lipsync because they are less skilled. Their shaky performances at Coachella only further fueled this question.

In this regard, AESPA and SM Entertainment have not stated their position. However, aespa plans to release their second mini album “Girls” on 8 July.

This comeback is expected to be an important turning point for AESPA. They are expected to overcome negative public opinion by proving their true skills.

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