Aespa’s Live Appearance At LA Showcase Reaps Praise, Netizens Regret This

Netizens Gave Testimonials After Seeing Aespa’s Performance At Their Showcase In LA. Many Were Impressed, Especially With The Live Vocal Abilities Of The Four Members.

SM Entertainment girl group aespa held a showcase in Los Angeles, United States. The appearance of Karina et al received praise from many people.

Previously on June 7, 2022, SM Entertainment announced that aespa would hold a SYNK Showcase event at the YouTube Theater, Los Angeles on June 26 local time.

aespa performs all their hits as well as interacts with fans through interviews and mini-games. The members performed “Black Mamba,” “Next Level,” “Savage,” and “Life’s Too Short.”

Netizens gave testimonials after seeing aespa’s performance at their showcase. Many were impressed, especially with the live vocal abilities of the four members. Netizens regret why Aespa keeps getting hate.

“They did well this time, but I was surprised by how many downvotes they got. They got posts complimenting their showcase. At this rate, you guys don’t care about aespa skills and just want to hate them right?” netizen comments.

“They get so much hate, so can they get a lot of praise when they do well? Honestly, I’m not even a fan of them but I feel sorry for aespa because of all the hate they get,” added another netizen.

“Many people keep asking them to sing live, but why are they all gone now? Ningning only made a small mistake during Coachella but they all did well,” wrote a netizen.

“I don’t even know if they did so badly at Coachella that they deserve that much hate. I think they did pretty well. Obviously your voice shakes live, right?” concluded another.

Netizens are also surprised at SM Entertainment for making Aespa appear lip sync all this time, even though all the members are very talented.

Meanwhile, aespa are scheduled to release their second mini album, “Girls,” on July 8. They also recently released “Life’s Too Short” in English.

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