Aespa’s Popularity Is Said To Have Gone Down, Reaping This Response

A Post On The Online Community Pann Contains A Screenshot Of The Ranking Of One Of The Music Charts. Here, Aespa’s Song ‘Girls’ Which Was Released Last Month Occupies The #12 Position.

There is no doubt that aespa is one of the most popular girl groups, both among the 4th generation and among girl groups as a whole. However, their popularity was in doubt after netizens saw the ranking of their latest song on the music chart.

A post on the online community Pann contains a screenshot of the ranking of one of the music charts. Here, aespa’s song “Girls” took #12 while other girl groups such as IVE , ITZY , NewJeans , and (G)I-DLE were above them.

The netizen who published the post wrote, “Even NewJean’s ranking is higher than them.” This post was also responded to by other netizens, who denied the contents of the post and emphasized that this did not change the fact that Aespa was a popular girl group.

“They lost popularity, so they set a new record for a female idol group with 1.1 million copies in the first week,” commented a sarcastic netizen. “The fact that aespa appears on Pann every day means that aespa is doing well,” said another netizen. “Please stop stealing ideas and lip-syncing, seriously,” said another.

“I’m not saying anything bad about the song, but it’s ridiculous to say that they lost popularity. Aren’t they still successful on the charts? I’m talking about the fact that they have a solid core fandom. Also, they placed 5 songs on the chart in the last month. July,” said netizens. “Am I the only one who likes ‘Girls’?” added another.

Meanwhile, aespa completed a series of showcases in Japan. The event titled “aespa JAPAN PREMIUM SHOWCASE 2022 ~ SYNK ~” was held at Pia Arena MM, Yokohama, Japan on August 6-7 and was attended by a total of 40 thousand spectators.

In the showcase, AESPA performed 9 songs ranging from the hit title track to b-sides with a unique energetic charm. Some of the songs they performed included “Black Mamba”, “Next Level”, “Savage’, “Girls”, ‘Life’s Too Short’, “Illusion”, “aenergy”, “Lucid Dream” and “YEPPI YEPPI”.

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