After Appearing On Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, This Multi Lip Balm Advertisement Makes The Audience Angry

While This Is A Product That Has Been Seen Too Often In Various Dramas. Therefore, Viewers Criticized That The Storyline Was Interrupted Due To This Multi-Balm Scene.

Product advertising in a Korean drama is not something new. Not even a few products ranging from food, cosmetics to electronics compete to put their products in Korean dramas to be seen by fans around the world.

But recently Korean drama fans have been complaining about seeing this multi-balm in almost every K-drama. “Even you too?” This is the reaction that comes when viewers find the character from the popular series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” using a light pink multi-balm tube.

Controversy resurfaced when this multi-balm reappeared in the latest episode of the drama ENA. The multi-balm first appeared when Choi Soo Yeon (played by Ha Yoon Kyung ) used it last week. This week, Dong Geurami (played by Joo Hyun Young ) also used the same pink multi-balm at the airport. The scene lasts about 10 seconds and clearly shows the product and logo.

The drama received negative attention when this multi-balm came about as “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was praised for its minimal or no product placement ads. The play doesn’t include typical products like Ginseng supplements. However, viewers couldn’t help but frown when they saw the multi-balm “nightmare” appear in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

While this is a product that has been seen too often in various dramas. Therefore, viewers criticized that the storyline was interrupted due to this multi-balm scene. ” They added more product placement in the end. People might boycott multi-balm because of this,” commented netter. ” I see this in almost every K-drama. The multi-balm that appears in almost every drama is so disgusting after rubbing oil and dirt on your face put it on your lips again,” said another. ” I think the drama writer changed in the middle. It’s very annoying to see the multi-balm that I use,” concluded another.

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