After Liz, Rei IVE Is Also Slapped With A More Full Appearance

Recently, A Member Of IVE, Liz, Has Been Criticized For Her Change In Appearance, Which Is Fuller Than Before. And Now, Rei Is Also Being Discussed With The Same Problem.

Appearance, especially for an idol is something that must be shown perfectly. Whether it’s in terms of makeup, hairstyle to weight, everything needs to be considered properly.

However, once again controversial YouTuber Sojang presented video content that highlighted the new appearances of two IVE members , Liz and Rei . On August 7, YouTuber Sojang revealed a video entitled “IVE Liz & Rei surprising update. Getting fatter.”

In the video, the YouTuber comments that the two female idols have gained quite a bit of weight. It started when Liz’s new appearance during the promotion era of “LOVE DIVE”, people noticed that she had gained weight. Many initially found her weight gain funny, people began to comment on her figure negatively.

Criticism continues to center on Liz who received negative comments about her weight when IVE and the group left for Tokyo to finish their activities in Japan. Liz’s body shape looks more striking so it appears that she has given up on dieting.

After focusing on Liz’s change, attention has now returned to Rei, another IVE member. Although Rei’s weight gain is not as obvious as Liz’s, people are commenting that this idol looks fuller when wearing the jacket he wore in the “LOVE DIVE” promotion era.

It was said that the jacket suited Rei’s previous body. However, in his latest appearance the jacket looks tighter when Rei wears it again.

This accusation reaped the defense of fans. Many say that Liz is not fat and is still considered thin. People also say that despite her weight gain, Liz is still a popular member. Likewise with Rei who received a similar defense like Liz.

However, still criticism after criticism received by Rei. Netizens said that his prominent weight made him appear negatively compared to other IVE members, such as Jang Won Young or Ahn Yujin .

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