Ahead Of Comeback, SNSD Member’s Real Personality Revealed

The Producer Of The Reality Show Girls’ Generation Talked About The Members’ Distinct Personalities, Which She Can Observe Having Known The Group For More Than Two Decades Now.

The producers of Girls’ Generation’s reality show , “Soshi TamTam,” revealed the eight members’ true personalities during a press interview. Like what?

On June 29, 2021, Jung Seung Il, producer of the Girls’ Generation reality show “Soshi TamTam,” held a press interview to talk about the upcoming show and what it was like to work with the members.

Jung Seung Il talked about the members’ distinct personalities, which he can observe having known the group for more than two decades now. Through his shows, he wants to show the public what kind of people they are and how much they have changed.

“Girls’ Generation will be making a comeback for the first time in five years. I want to capture the sides of each member that they haven’t been able to show to the public in the past five years, as well as the changes in them during those years,” he said.

Jung Seung Il continued, “I’ve known (the members) for over twenty years now, and I try to get every part of them in front of the camera. I don’t let myself miss any little things they talk about with each other. To be honest, their conversation never ends.”

Jung Seung Il also revealed that he has never seen the members look tired despite having a busy day with their activities, especially ahead of a comeback.

Jung Seung Il then talked about each member’s true personality. He said that Tae Yeon was quiet but “very off the wall at the same time.”

For Sunny , Jung Seung Il thinks that he is the most suitable for a reality show among the members because he is so cute. Because of that, Jung Seung Il relied on him the most.

When describing Tiffany , Jung Seung Il said, “Tiffany is like a cartoon character. She is full of energy and charm. But she is always the one the members choose to make jokes with.”

Hyoyeon impressed him with the way he spoke, because everything he said was funny. For Kwon Yuri , she is a great cook and a good caretaker.

Sooyoung has an easy going personality. He is forthright when he speaks and is also professional, according to Jung Seung Il.

YoonA is described as someone who has bright energy and is so friendly that it is “unbelievable.” Lastly, Seohyun still gives off the impression of a maknae, but she’s bolder now.

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