Ahn Yujin IVE Wears Luxurious Swimwear, Here’s The Estimated Price

Ahn Yujin IVE Is Again Attracting Attention For His Charming And Charming Visual Appearance. Recently, She Showed Off Her Abs When Wearing A Luxurious Swimsuit.

Spending fun time in the pool while swimming is an option to refresh your mind. In addition, swimming can also be healthy.

Like Ahn Yujin IVE who recently showed off a moment when he was in the pool. In his recent Instagram upload, this idol appears to be wearing a swimsuit.

On June 12, Ahn Yujin posted a photo of herself wearing a swimsuit on her personal Instagram account. Along with a caption that says, “Kind of missed those days.”

In the photo, Ahn Yujin shows her body in a Burberry crop top swimsuit. Of course, Ahn Yujin attracted attention with her slim waistline and sturdy abs.

In addition, Ahn Yujin boasted of her outstanding proportions with long legs and tall height. This female idol also flaunts her beauty with a superior body and innocent visuals.

Supported by wearing a luxurious swimsuit for 660 thousand won. Of course, this is also due to Ahn Yujin’s popularity, so expensive items often beautify her appearance.

Besides, Ahn Yujin has recently been busy with individual activities apart from being with the group. This former member of IZ * ONE was lined up to fill the show for the latest variety show from PD Na Young Suk, entitled ” Earth Arcade “.

After becoming an MC on the music show “Inkigayo”, Ahn Yujin continued the variety show with an enthusiastic response from viewers. How not, the variety show “Earth Arcade” which was broadcast on tvN was worked on by PD Na Young Suk, who is known to be a figure who makes his shows successful.

Meanwhile, IVE recently released their second single “LOVE DIVE” in April. “LOVE DIVE” is a song containing the bold message “if you have the courage to love, jump” from IVE.

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