Ahn Yujin Tries To Cover Up Clothes, IVE Members Are Allegedly Uncomfortable Being Asked To Do This At The Airport

IVE Was Seen Going To The Airport Today, Monday (1/8) To Stroll To Japan Because Of Their Schedule. Fans Suspect That All The Members Feel Uncomfortable Being Asked To Do This.

Today, August 1st, it was discovered that IVE was spotted at Gimpo international airport heading to Japan. This time, IVE was unable to attend the event with full members.

Previously, Starship Entertainment revealed that Rei was infected with the corona virus. Thus, only 5 other members namely Ahn Yujin , Jang Won Young , Liz , Gaeul , and Leeseo were having IVE activities as scheduled.

IVE itself looks casual in their airport fashion this time. The five members displayed trendy styles that matched their age.

Won Young wore a pink sleeveless crop top combined with a matching mini skirt. Yujin wore a white crop top shirt combined with matching shorts and a blue shirt as an outer .

Gaeul wore a short-sleeved white shirt under a blue dress. Liz wore a black purple plaid crop top paired with long denim pants. The maknae , Leeseo wore a green crop top shirt with long denim pants.

Unfortunately, at the appearance at the airport fans suspected that the IVE members looked uncomfortable. Yujin also looks uncomfortable with the outfit she is wearing because she tries to pull the shirt more closed.

Fans suspected that IVE members felt uncomfortable after being asked to take off their masks by the media crew. The reason, Rei is known to be currently absent due to being infected with Covid-19.

” I think ive rarely interacted with others at ISAC because of rei’s situation and still in shock because of that, we can see how they are hesitant to take off their masks at the airport preview, ” said a fan on Twitter. ” Yujin is hesitant to take off his mask, they shouldn’t be asked to do so given the recent rise in cases, ” explained another.

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