Almost An Incident, Sunmi Anticipates An Incident Of Sagging Clothes Wearing A Chest Covering Sticker

Back To The Time When Sunmi Looked Stunning At The Water Bomb Festival In 2018, She Almost Had A Malfunction In Her Clothes And Her Clothes Fell Off Even Though She Finally Got Over It.

Sunmi ‘s stunning stage performance when she was at the 2018 Water Bomb Festival is still considered iconic. The reason is, Sunmi really presents a bold and sensual stage act.

However, who would have thought that behind his stage action he had malfunctions in his clothes. Sunmi who had a legendary performance at the Water Bomb music festival shared her review about performing with water effects on stage.

While talking to MC Lee Young Ji, Sunmi recalled the malfunction when her swimsuit fell off at the Water Bomb event. In fact, Sunmi had prepared her to appear at the event because her swimsuit was quite expensive and luxurious.

“I bought a luxury swimsuit for the show. But then, I found that there was a sign that said that the shirt should not be used for swimming. I didn’t know it at first,” he said finding oddity.

“Apparently I just found out that the swimsuit has too good a tension so that when it comes into contact with water and gets wet, the clothes will fall down. The fabric becomes heavy when wet and makes the swimsuit sag,” he said, telling the story of the beginning of the malfunction.

Regarding the reason why the swimsuit didn’t cause a serious stage accident, Sunmi has also prepared other clothes to prevent any mishaps. And interestingly, Sunmi revealed that she wore clothes called “nipple stickers”.

“There is a shirt called ‘nipple stickers’ nowadays. I always use nipple stickers to prevent situations like that,” he said honestly. Having experience with this, Sunmi also revealed her tips.

“If you feel like you’re going to sweat a lot, you shouldn’t wear a silicone cover. The silicone will come off when you sweat, so I suggest you use the sticker,” he said, making a surprising statement.

Meanwhile, Sunmi received a standing ovation for her daring performance and energetic performance at the 2018 Water Bomb festival. She recently made her comeback with the new single “Heart Burn” this June 29. And Sunmi is also attracting attention by being chosen as the MC for the web variety show “Show!terview”.

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