Already An Ex, Jiyoon’s Live Broadcast Raises Speculation ‘Kicked’ From The Weekly Group

Former Weekly Member Jiyoon Recently Garnered Attention For Her Statement That Made Speculation That The Idol Was ‘Expelled’ From The Group By Her Own Agency.

The news of the departure of an idol from a group always has a significant influence both for group activities and for its members. Like the fate of an idol from Weekly , Jiyoon , who officially left the group on June 1.

In fact, recently Jiyoon has shocked the public for various speculations after she made a live broadcast on a fan platform. This is due to the discovery of Jiyoon’s shocking story which sounded like she was forced to get kicked out.

Back in June, IST Entertainment announced that Weekly would be resuming activities as a six-member group, confirming Jiyoon’s departure from the group. In their statement, the agency clarified that Jiyoon had experienced severe anxiety during promotions and was taking two separate breaks to focus on recovering her mental health and treatment.

While discussing her future activities, the agency finally decided it would be better for Jiyoon to focus on her mental health. After that, Jiyoon left Weekly in the end.

After announcing leaving the group, Jiyoon then opened her personal Twitter account this August. This one idol also made his first live stream through the platform.

Jiyoon asked viewers not to record the live broadcast so that the situation would not be a problem in the future. When doing a live broadcast, fans respect the idol’s wishes.

Apart from that, some fans summarized and translated what Jiyoon said during her live broadcast. Jiyoon stated she did not make the decision to leave the group.

Recently, Jiyoon was able to contact Jaehee and until today, Jiyoon didn’t have much chance to talk to the rest of the group. Jiyoon stated that she mentioned that their company doesn’t treat Weekly well and the members get scolded for petty things.

Jiyoon even remembered one instance when a staff member told her to be careful what she sent in Bubble. The strict rules made Jiyoon feel frustrated to obey them. Jiyoon did not specify how exactly she was forced out of the group.

Openly, Jiyoon stated that she did not want to get into trouble with her former agency. Jiyoon mentioned how idols know all their fan posts and can easily see them. And the conversation ended by discussing his plans for college.

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