Announce Marriage With Actor Cha Hyun Woo, Peek At Hwang Bo Ra’s Age In These 8 Portraits

Hwang Bo Ra Announced That She Would Soon Marry Actor Cha Hyun Woo After Being In A Relationship For 10 Years. Through An Instagram Upload, The 38-Year-Old Actress Announced The Happy News.

Happy news comes from ” What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim ” star, Hwang Bo Ra . Through an Instagram upload, she announced the news of her marriage to a man who managed to make her fall in love. Hwang Bo Ra uploaded a cartoon photo of the two of them with the caption “begging for blessing” and a thank you.

Hwang Bo Ra revealed that he will marry Kim Young Hoon or Cha Hyun Woo who is the CEO of his management agency, Walk House Company. The two are known to have been in a relationship for 10 years. Hwang Bo Ra and Cha Hyun Woo’s wedding will reportedly be held privately on November 6. Cha Hyun Woo is the younger brother of actor Ha Jung Woo and the second son of actor Kim Yong Gun .

Hwang Bo Ra himself is one of the artists who has long been in the entertainment world. He is known for his role in the film ” Skeletons in the Closet ” and later starred in many drama titles or other acting projects.

On the other hand, Hwang Bo Ra also stole attention with his youthful looks. He is currently 38 years old. Let’s take a peek at the series of portraits of Hwang Bo Ra with his youthful charm!

1. Youth Style

Age is just a number, because Hwang Bo Ra has a style that is no less stunning than young people. In the moment above, she combined a pink sweater with jeans and a leather jacket. This chic combination stole the attention of fans.

2. Likes To Sports

Hwang Bo Ra actually likes sports. Not at random, he turned out to like golf. At the moment above, he is enjoying a sunny day playing golf with his partner. So boyish, instead of wearing a skirt like his colleague, Hwang Bo Ra combined white pants with a collared shirt.

3. Doesn’t Look Like 38 Years Old

Hwang Bo Ra celebrated Christmas last year with great joy. He uploaded a photo wearing a t-shirt and Santa hat. His youthful appearance has stolen the attention of fans, who don’t look like 38 years old , do they ?

4. Stay Flawless When Bareface

This ” Zombie Detective ” star does not hesitate to show his face when barefaced or without makeup. Hwang Bo Ra is with his beloved dog at the moment above. Even without make-up, Hwang Bo Ra’s face is flawless .

5. Climbing Moment

Lively and energetic, Hwang Bo Ra also likes to climb mountains. At the moment above, he was climbing the mountain with his colleagues. Hwang Bo Ra wore a yellow coat combined with leggings and comfortable shoes. He also wears a hat to block out the sun.

6. Iconic With Hilarious Acting

Hwang Bo Ra is an iconic actress with hilarious roles in every drama. No wonder he was so loved for his sense of humor and anti-jaim attitude when playing dramas. Hwang Bo Ra also named his Instagram with the unique @pinggumama instead of his own name.

7. Look Elegant

Usually hilarious, Hwang Bo Ra steals attention with his elegant style. She wore a blouse and a span skirt that gave the elegant impression of a conglomerate princess. Hwang Bo Ra is also holding a beautiful flower bouquet in hand.

8. Show Off Your Body Goals

Hwang Bo Ra displays body goals in front of the camera. She looks absolutely beautiful in a dress with a unique design combined with jeans. Hwang Bo Ra exudes a beauty that makes fans fall in love even more.

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