Anti-Fan Rumored, Wonwoo’s Attitude Questioned After SNSD-Key SHINee’s Taeyeon Watched SEVENTEEN’s Concert

Wonwoo’s Attitude Immediately Became A Conversation After Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon And SHINee’s Key Joined In Providing Support By Watching SEVENTEEN’s Concert.

The SEVENTEEN (II) concert successfully received full attention for K-Pop fans recently. Not surprising considering this concert was attended by famous celebrities.

Jungkook Bangtan Boys is here to provide support to 97 Line gang members, namely Mingyu , The8 , and DK . Then, NCT members from China were also present to support their compatriots The8 and Jun .

Now, it’s been revealed that Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon and SHINee ‘s Key are also said to have watched SEVENTEEN’s performance. The alleged moment of the two is currently being widely shared through social media.

Unfortunately, the appearance of Taeyeon and Key actually gave rise to oblique comments among Knetz. They mentioned rumors in 2016, that Wonwoo was an antifan of Girls’ Generation who had written oblique comments to edited hate photos during elementary school.

The post entitled ” A celebrity who meets a malicious commenter ” on the online community is now in the spotlight. ” Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon attended SEVENTEEN’s concert. I feel like Wonwoo wants to run away. How will he face Taeyeon after leaving malicious comments about her? That would be too embarrassing, ” continued the uploader.

Other Knetz agreed that Wonwoo might be very awkward knowing Taeyeon is supporting the group. They also mentioned that young children should not be allowed to have social media in order to avoid similar incidents.

” He has nothing to say even if he is criticized for it forever ,” said one Knetz. ” This is why children should not use the internet. If children play internet when they are too young, they do things that are irrational and it is not good for them or others ,” explained another. ” How can he appear because of shame? ” said another. ” It must be really awkward. To face Taeyeon after leaving malicious comments about Girls’ Generation, lol, ” said another.

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