Apink’s Chorong Saves 2 Kittens Who Almost Live Euthanasia

Apink’s Chorong Came To Attention After Her Kindness ‘Rescued’ Two Kittens Who Were Almost Euthanized. The Two Kittens Were Eventually Not Euthanized And Are Now Being Cared For By Chorong.

One member of Apink ( A Pink ) stole the public’s attention with his good heart. It is the leader, Apink’s Chorong who became a concern after caring for and adopting 2 kittens.

Meanwhile, Apink members themselves are also known for participating in several volunteer activities. Starting from
helping abandoned animals and much more. Even though the members didn’t publish it, it was already well known among their fandom and the K-Pop community.

Apink members are known to be active in efforts to help animals. Most members even keep pets until they are properly adopted. Chorong and Bomi even appeared in the “Elle Korea Pet Special” photoshoot in August 2022.

Meanwhile earlier this week, Chorong revealed on Bubble (a fan-artist communication service) that she had started taking care of 2 kittens and explained the story behind them. In addition, the story behind Chorong’s decision to adopt the two kittens is no less touching.

Chorong shared that she had received a call from an acquaintance, saying that there were two kittens who were almost euthanized. The two kittens were only about four weeks old. Chorong further mentioned that after thinking about it, she finally decided to take care of them and brought the two kittens home.

Chorong also mentioned she took them to the hospital shortly after bringing the two kittens home. He also named the kittens Brie and Rico

Chorong does not seem half-hearted in caring for and loving the two kittens, even now Chorong has also opened an Instagram account dedicated to the two of them. You can follow them and support the adorable kittens if you want on the @wearebrico Instagram account .

The two kittens currently being raised by Chorong also seem to have succeeded in stealing the public’s attention with their cuteness. It is proven that their @wearebrico account has been followed by more than 2 thousand followers.

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