Aura Beda, Joy Red Velvet And Kazuha LE SSERAFIM’s Ages Are Like Being Swapped When They Are Twin Dresses

Red Velvet’s Joy And LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Showed Completely Different Looks Despite Wearing The Exact Same Outfit Recently, Whose Style Do You Prefer?

K-Pop idols are often seen wearing the same clothes as each other. Even so, the idols managed to show a different impression even though they were wearing the same outfit .

This time, it was Red Velvet’s Joy and LE SSERAFIM ‘s Kazuha who showed very different looks even though they were wearing the exact same clothes. The two of them did not even modify the outfit to make it more distinctive.

Joy and Kazuha still show very different auras even though they are wearing the exact same outfit . These two beautiful idols are known to be wearing one of the collection dresses from a famous brand, Miu Miu “Striped Cotton Mini Dress”.

Joy seemed to give off a sweet and cute aura when wearing the short striped dress. Joy is like a “school kid” hanging out in a dress complete with a small white handbag and black shoes.

The front bangs that are Joy’s current hairstyle make her appearance even cuter. The choice of red lipstick color makes Joy look more energetic. This makes Joy invisible to have entered the age of 26 years (international age).

Kazuha herself looks elegant in the Miu Miu dress. She gave the impression of being mature but still innocent in this short dress. Long wavy hair style without bangs also gives an elegant impression.

Kazuha also gave a pretty sexy impression on one of her portraits wearing the Miu Miu dress. The natural makeup that Kazuha used made her look more flawless .

Kazuha’s mature aura made it invisible as she still hadn’t officially entered 19 years. Kazuha is known to have been born on August 9, 2003.

Do you prefer Joy Red Velvet or Kazuha LE SSERAFIM’s style?

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