Bang Chan Stray Kids Comments Like This About TWICE’s Nayeon’s Solo Debut Song

When He First Watched Nayeon’s Solo Music Video And Heard Her Music, Bang Chan Immediately Thought It Was Perfect For Him, Considering That Is What The TWICE Members Are Good At.

Stray Kids ‘ Bang Chan was a trainee at JYP Entertainment for seven years before debuting. Years later, he has nothing but praise for the TWICE members he used to train with, including Nayeon .

During episode 163 of his regular “Chan’s Room” live broadcast, Bang Chan reacted to “POP!” and “NO PROBLEM” (featuring Felix Stray Kids) from Nayeon’s new album to help celebrate her solo debut.

Like TWICE fans, Bang Chan has been waiting for this day. The Stray Kids leader talked about how when he first joined JYP Entertainment, Nayeon, Jihyo , and TWICE’s Jeongyeon were already trainees at the agency.

Bang Chan often saw them at exhibitions and evaluations and became familiar with and appreciated TWICE’s performance style. So when he first watched Nayeon’s solo music video and heard her music, she immediately thought it was perfect for her, considering that’s what the TWICE members are good at.

He then talked about how Nayeon has always been good at everything, even since she was a trainee. Bang Chan then stated that, as a trainee, he thought Nayeon was amazing.

“He’s been very good at everything since he was a trainee. As a trainee, I think he’s amazing,” said Bang Chan. Until now, the idol still thinks so, especially when Nayeon sings live on stage.

Nayeon has solid abilities, according to Bang Chan. He even said there was a lot to learn from Nayeon. “His basic abilities are solid. There is a lot that can be learned from him. I’ve always felt that way since I was a trainee and I also feel the same way now,” said Bang Chan.

With such an impressive solo debut and the anticipation Nayeon has created as a member of TWICE, it makes sense that Bang Chan would greatly admire the label mate. Meanwhile, Nayeon is currently busy with promotional activities for “POP!” by appearing on various music shows.

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