Barbie Hwasa Mamamoo’s Outfit Like An Appointment With Anne Hathaway, How Good Is It?

While Attending The 2022 Valentino Fashion Show In Rome, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Stole The Show For Her Appearance And Interactions With Hollywood Actress Anne Hathaway.

Recently, MAMAMOO ‘s Hwasa attended Valentino’s fashion show in Rome. Flying all the way from South Korea, the 1995-born idol successfully reaped admiration for his appearance.

On July 9, Hwasa stole the attention of fans with a super bright fashion look all in pink. Interestingly, Hwasa’s outfit seemed to make an appointment with Anne Hathaway who was caught sitting next to her in the fashion show.

Hwasa wore a pink outfit with bling-bling accents, pink stockings and super tall Barbie-like stileto boots. Even though it makes her worried, Hwasa can still look maximal and elegant at the same time.

By her side, Anne Hathaway is wearing a pink outfit with glitter and shoes similar to Hwasa’s. Not just outfit color twins, Hwasa and the famous Hollywood actress look so familiar with each other.

In addition to their closeness, Hwasa also drew praise for trying to interact with fans. Even though during the event, he was prohibited from interacting with fans by the security forces.

“I saw Hwasa, she was excited to say hello to us but they didn’t let her,” said one fan. “Queen and queen, yes we know,” said another fan. “Take a selfie or something,” said another fan.

“They’re in one photo? Oh my God,” commented a fan. “This is the Queen of South Korea and the Queen of Genovia,” continued other fans. “Really proud of Hwasa, this is all because of her talent, beauty, hard work and reputation for cool teamwork. This is just the beginning, she has bigger things in the future,” another exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Hwasa’s barbie appearance at the 2022 Valentino Fashion Show has become trending on social media. In addition to Anne Hathaway, Hwasa was also monitored along with Anna Wintour, editor of the famous fashion magazine Vogue .

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