Beautiful Like A Doll, This Portrait Of Karina Aespa Is Viral Among Korean Netizens

Recently, Karina Aespa Has Become A Hot Topic Among South Korean Netizens Because Of Her Overly Stunning Appearance. Take A Peek At Her Beautiful Portrait And The Following Netizen Responses.

Recently Karina aespa became a hot topic among South Korean netizens. She is receiving a lot of attention for her doll-like visuals.

It started when a netizen made a post on the theqoo online community site . In the post, Karina is said to be on her way to an undisclosed schedule.

Karina’s beauty looks so radiant when she wears a trendy colorful knit top, which is teamed up with simple jeans. Her appearance looks more complete with long hair that is left loose.

In particular, the side-view portrait looks so perfect that netizens are impressed. There was even a netizen who praised her smooth and perfect beauty like a character created by a computer.

One netizen praised, “He really looks like a character.” “She’s so beautiful, like a doll!” added another netizen. “He really looks like an AI in the second photo,” said another netizen.

“He looks like someone who is stuck on a filter,” praised another netizen. “Wow, I stared at the second picture for a while. She is so beautiful!” said another netizen. “Karina’s side profile is very beautiful. She looks very beautiful here,” concluded other netizens and many more.

Meanwhile, AESPA will make a comeback by releasing a mini album titled “Girls” on July 8. Prior to that, the group will be performing at their first LA showcase on June 26 and 27.

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