Bestie, Beomgyu TXT’s Reaction When Heeseung Called ENHYPEN Suddenly

Recently, The Interaction Between TXT’s Beomgyu And His Best Friend Has Caught The Attention Of Fans. Called Heeseung ENHYPEN During Live, Beomgyu’s Reaction Is Said To Be Relatable.

Among other labelmates, TXT ‘s Beomgyu is close friends with ENHYPEN ‘s Heeseung ( Heesung ) . Recently, they showed adorable interactions when Beomgyu was live with Yeonjun .

While joining Yeonjun on the Weverse live, Beomgyu suddenly received a call from Heeseung. Beomgyu’s reaction to the phone call from his friend is almost the same as anyone when he gets a call when he’s busy.

During the live, Beomgyu and Yeonjun showed their chaotic interactions. It starts with pretending to be asleep then wakes up with fake slaps and continues throughout the live.

When the two of them read comments from fans, Beomgyu suddenly got a call from Heeseung. Instead of muting his phone or going outside to pick up the phone, he asked Heeseung to stop calling while it was live.

“The call was from Lee Heeseung,” said Beomgyu. “Hey, you. We’re on a live broadcast,” said Yeonjun. “Don’t call yet!” exclaimed Beomgyu.

For some people, they have friends who call when they can’t pick up. Presumably for Beomgyu, the friend who behaves like that is Heeseung. So that their interaction is very relatable for fans who have such friends.

Previously, Beomgyu had shared his friendship with Heeseung in Weverse Magazine some time ago. The two have been friends since TXT and ENHYPEN collaborated for a special stage at the 2021 KBS Song Festival.

On the stage, TXT and ENHYPEN took turns performing legendary K-Pop songs from various groups from the first to the third generation. Their stage at that time also received a lot of attention.

What made Beomgyu and Heeseung close was their interest in games and became compatible over time. Apart from his fellow TXT members, Beomgyu was finally able to find a figure from another group to have fun with.

“I became very close to Heeseung and we played with ENHYPEN. He’s a cute young man, one of them and we went to bed at the same time, and we both like games. We got closer after talking about this and that, and I made more friends one by one one, now we can rely on each other and have fun together,” said Beomgyu.

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