‘Big Mouth’ Officially Removes Throne ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Tops Content Rankings

Kinolights Chart Calculation Results, ‘Big Mouth’ Starring Lee Jong Suk And Yoona Took First Place For The Calculation Of The 2nd Week Of August (August 6 To 12).

” Big Mouth ” has officially overthrown ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” on the content ranking list. This can be seen from the latest ranking released by the OTT integrated search and content recommendation platform, Kinolights on Tuesday (16/8).

Kinolights provides an OTT trending ranking chart that allows viewers to check the overall popularity of various streaming content. The ranking is calculated by analyzing approximately 100 thousand data on movies, dramas, and TV entertainment as well as data on domestic and foreign media trends.

As a result, “Big Mouth” starring Lee Jong Suk and YoonA took first place for the calculation of the 2nd week of August (August 6 to 12). “Big Mouth” has now aired 6 episodes with the highest rating record penetrating 10.8 percent.

“Big Mouth” follows the story of Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), a lawyer with a 10 percent win rate, who was accused of being involved in a murder case and is now in prison. This drama follows his journey of uncovering the truth.

But in prison, Park Chang Ho actually gets the nickname as Big Mouse, a figure who is considered a genius con artist. The chemistry between Yoona and Lee Jong Suk as well as the unexpected development of this drama is enough to attract the audience’s enthusiasm.

The second place in Kinolights’ latest content ranking is “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. The drama broadcast on the ENA channel tells the story of Woo Young Woo ( Park Eun Bin ) who struggles to become a true lawyer in the midst of his limitations as a person with autism.

Although “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” experienced a decrease in ratings from the highest achievement in episode 9 of 15 percent, this drama still maintained ratings above 10 percent. Now the drama, which also stars Kang Tae Oh , leaves two final episodes.

Meanwhile, the third position in the Kinolights ranking was occupied by the Netflix film “Carter” while the fourth place was the ENA military drama titled “Rookie Park 1”. For fifth place is the film “Hunt” in which Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung work together.

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