BLACKPINK First Shows ‘Pink Venom’, Amazing Stage Action Reaps Comments Like This

The Release Of The Performance Video ‘Pink Venom’ Apparently Also Became A Topic Of Conversation For Netizens In The Online Community TheQoo. Netizens Cheered For This Video.

The long-awaited BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) comeback has finally arrived. The girl group made by YG Entertainment and consists of 4 members released their pre-release song entitled “Pink Venom” and shared the first stage performance video today, Saturday (27/8).

“Pink Venom” is majestic only in the first few seconds with the music of the traditional Geomungo instrument. Coupled with the four members’ impressive stage performances with amazing vocals and dancing, this video is like a gift to fans.

With the powerful beats and sounds of traditional Korean musical instruments, “Pink Venom” is a hip hop song that highlights BLACKPINK’s talented singing and rapping abilities as well as their strong signature charisma. Like Jisoo said, this song is full of new charms, like the intro with Geomungo and the addictive hook.

The release of the performance video “Pink Venom” also seems to be a topic of conversation for netizens in the online community TheQoo. Netizens cheered for this video because they thought they could only see BLACKPINK’s stage action on SBS “[t-Inkigayo]” on Sunday (28/8).

“This is crazy, what happened to YG?” netizen comments. “Crazy, why did they give this to us… Thank you,” said another netizen. “Heol, I thought ‘Inkigayo’ would be their first stage, but they gave us the actual video!” another exclaimed.

“This stage and choreography are really perfect. If you watch BLACKPINK’s choreography lately, everything is a little lacking, but ‘Pink Vernom’ is good, kekeke,” said a netizen. “This is the best choreography BLACKPINK has until now,” another commented. “Crazy, Rose’s voice is crazy,” added another.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has been pre-recording for their comeback stage performance on “Inkigayo” which will air tomorrow. The four members left for the United States recently to attend the 2022 MTV VMAs.

Watch the “Pink Venom” performance video here .

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