BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Visuals And A Line Of Beautiful Idols It’d Even Be Weird If Edited Using Perfect Proportions

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s Visuals And This Line Of Beautiful Idols Immediately Turned Very Strange When Edited Using Perfect Proportions, What Do You Think?

Fans seem fun to edit some beautiful idol portraits with the “golden ratio” fitted. The golden ratio is considered the most perfect and shows stunning visuals.

However, the visuals of a series of beautiful idols actually turned weird when edited using the “golden ration”. However, some will still make a scene if they have visuals according to their “golden ratio”.

Winter aespa is currently said to have beautiful, cute, and sweet visuals. Winter’s visuals when edited using the “golden ratio” immediately changed drastically and were unrecognizable. Her face actually looks unnatural and proves Winter is more beautiful as she is.

Jang Won Young IVE ‘s visual also often steals attention. He is even called the 4th generation idol with the most beautiful visuals with a small and cute face. Jang Won Young’s visual also became strange with the “golden ratio” and was not recognized.

TWICE ‘s Tzuyu ‘s visual turns handsome when he uses the “golden ratio”. However, Tzuyu’s original visual was judged better by showing a sweet and graceful side.

BLACK PINK ‘s Jisoo looks quite successful when her face is edited using the “golden ratio”. Jisoo’s face looks not so different but gives a different impression. Jisoo’s unique charisma is considered to have disappeared like her elegant forehead and eyes.

Not only Jisoo, Irene Red Velvet’s visuals also managed to remain stunning when edited with the “golden ratio”. However, Irene’s real face actually looks more elegant and full of charisma. Even so, in the “golden ratio” version, Irene still manages to captivate with her visuals.

Do you prefer the original version of the idols above or the “golden ratio” version, huh?

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