BLACKPINK Shows Preview Of New Song ‘Ready For Love’ At ‘The Virtual’ Concert

‘Ready For Love’ Is A Captivating Pop Song That Showcases BLACKPINK’s Vocals, And Its Message Highlights The Strength Of The Heart Even After Being Hurt. This Song Also Has A Cool Chorus Beat Drop.

The first day of the “BLACKPINK x PUBG Mobile 2022 In-Game Concert: The Virtual” concert on PUBG MOBILE has ended. As a gift to fans, a special preview of their upcoming song, “Ready For Love” was performed by BLACKPINK’s AI colleagues ( Black Pink ) in a voice that was 100% their own.

With over 9 million users waiting to see their concert on PUBG MOBILE, it’s clear that BLACKPINK’s power is stronger than ever. If a lot of BLINKs are lining up to see it through PUBG, millions more will be waiting to see the members perform live.

In this concert, the official 3D avatar character versions of Jisoo , Jennie , Rose , and Lisa performed on behalf of BLACKPINK. The concert is available exclusively through PUBG Mobile in North and South America from July 22-23 and from July 29-30, and for all other territories from July 23-24 and from July 30-31.

“Ready For Love” is a captivating pop song that showcases BLACKPINK’s vocals, and its message highlights the strength of the heart even after being hurt. YG said, “It’s a charming pop with a cool chorus beat drop that breaks the silence of the quiet piano music. The song’s message includes an unyielding mindset.'”

“Ready For Love” is a song that BLINKs are actually quite familiar with, as it has been shown that the members have been working on it for quite some time. However, since it’s been years in the making, the end result will sound different from the demo, and just from the snippet that BLACKPINK did on “THE VIRTUAL”, there’s no doubt that this will be another legendary song.

PUBG MOBILE has announced that a new special track and music video will be released in the near future, so BLINKs can rest assured that the full song “Ready For Love” is coming soon. The Trac and its music video were created specifically for the collaboration with PUBG MOBILE.

Meanwhile, YG confirmed BLACKPINK’s comeback this August and the entertainment agency saw a 30% increase in their share price. It seems that the stock market is anticipating BLACKPINK’s record-breaking comeback that will “rewrite the history of K-pop girl groups.”

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