BLACKPINK’s Fairy Outfit And Ending Moment On ‘Inkigayo’ Becomes A Spotlight, Reaping This Reaction

BLACKPINK Wore A Crop Top Paired With Shorts. Some Of Their Outfits Are The Result Of Modifications To Fit The Concept They Are Carrying.

BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) who just made a comeback with a pre-release single titled “Pink Venom” has now started promotional activities. The girl group from YG Entertainment appeared on the SBS music program ” Inkigayo ” for their comeback stage on Sunday (28/8).

On this occasion, BLACKPINK appeared in a military look style. Jisoo and friends wore crop tops combined with shorts. Some of their outfits are the result of modifications to fit the concept they are carrying.

Netizens in the online community Pann highlighted BLACKPINK’s stage costumes on “Inkigayo” with netizens posting posts writing, “Their Coordi is not only ‘good’ level all the time, their outfits always look innovative/modern and beautiful…” Other netizens also agreed. with the content of the post.

“They show who is on top on ‘Inkigayo,'” netizens commented. “When BP debuted, they were already at the top… Besides their makeup and coordi, the members were all stage commanders,” said another netizen. “Jisoo looks like a princess,” said another.

“I kind of woke up when I watched the whole performance. I think Jisoo needs to practice harder. She’s the only one who looks different in the RATATATA section…” said a netizen. “Ha… Lisa-yah… You’re crazy today. Very beautiful,” added another.

On the other hand, the fairy ending moment at the end of BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” performance on “Inkigayo” was also the talk. Here, the four members show their adorable yet charismatic charms.

Netizens on online community Pann said, “What’s with Kim Jisoo? Seriously…” “How long has it been since their last music show?” “Rose is so beautiful,” “Lisa is crazy!” “Watch Kim Jisoo, kekekeke, so cute.”

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