BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Shows This Funny Reaction When Fans Asked To Be A Rapper Again, Spoiler?

Although Jisoo Is One Of BLACKPINK’s Main Vocalists, The Oldest Member Of The Group Has Wowed Fans With Her Rapping. It Seems That Now BLINKs Want The Return Of Rapper Jisoo.

Since BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) debuted in 2016, all the members have shown that they are really versatile. Jisoo is no exception, and along with her singing and looks, she is an actress and global brand ambassador. Recently, BLINKs showed that there is another side of Jisoo that they want to see soon!

To celebrate their 6th anniversary, each of the BLACKPINK members decided to do a live broadcast with fans, and the first duo was none other than Lisa and Jisoo. As expected, it really was a buzz, and BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans) were getting quite a bit of interaction.

With a comeback in sight, both Jisoo and Lisa teased BLINKs with possible spoilers, joking that everything they said might or might not be spoilers. In particular, it seems like there are some BLINKs who are feeling very nostalgic for one thing, and that is none other than “Rapper Jisoo.”

In the past, although Jisoo was one of BLACKPINK’s main vocalists, the oldest member of the group has wowed fans with her rapping. It seems that after some time, BLINKs want the return of rapper Jisoo, and Lisa is ready to announce it.

During the live broadcast, Lisa saw the comments and read, “Rapper Jisoo, please come back.” As soon as those words left Lisa’s mouth, Jisoo showed the funniest reaction as she immediately buried her head in her hands as if she wanted nothing but her rap back.

Lisa seemed to find it funny, and since she couldn’t stop laughing, Jisoo quickly took matters into her own hands and continued to say, “No, no, no.” But is this precisely a hint that fans will see the return of rapper Jisoo?

Although Jisoo seems reluctant to return to being a rapper, netizens have different desires from her and want to see her again as a rapper. Others joked that when they finally got a soloist Jisoo, maybe the idol would rap there.

“Jisoo’s expression is really funny. He can rap on the BLACKPINK album but not on the JS1 album (as Jisoo’s solo work),” commented netizens. “NOOOOO I want rapper Jisoo back,” said another netizen. “Look at Lisa’s evil laugh, hahaha,” added another.

Whether “Rapper Jisoo” will return or not, it seems that this is not the next comeback. However, with Lisa’s cute reaction, perhaps the youngest member of the group might be able to persuade her unnies to take the leap and give BLINKs what they want.

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