Blasphemed During Debut, Huening Bahiyyih Is Now The Most Popular Kep1er Member?

During The Show And When He First Debuted, The Half-Faced Huening Bahiyyih Did Not Receive Much Love From The Korean Public. But Now, Bahiyyih’s Beauty Is Said To Be On The Rise.

Huening Bahiyyih ‘s debut as a member of Kep1er was tinged with controversy, but he is now one of the most prominent members. The beautiful idol is not only known as a member of his current group but also as the younger brother of Huening Kai TXT .

Kep1er is a project girl group formed through the Mnet survival show ” Girls Planet 999 “. When the final lineup was decided, Huening Bahiyyih was the member who drew the most controversy, especially in Korea, due to mixed reactions from both visuals and talent. However, currently, Huening Bahiyyih is leading the popularity of Kep1er.

During the show and when he first debuted, the half-faced Huening Bahiyyih did not receive much love from the Korean public. However, after she dyed her hair blonde, Bahiyyih’s beauty is said to have improved, helping her to stand out from the group and attract more attention.

Huening Bahiyyih was also criticized for being judged to be lacking in talent, and that she only debuted because of her famous older brother, Huening. In Kep1er’s debut album “First Impact”, Bahiyyih barely got a singing part. Screentime is also a bit. However, after ” Queendom 2 ” and Kep1er’s first comeback with “UP!”, he got more opportunities to shine.

Huening Bahiyyih is known to have a large international fanbase. Therefore, his individual fancams are often the most viewed. In Kep1er’s latest comeback, Bahiyyih has the second most viewed fancam. Huening Bahiyyih’s fancam garnered the most YouTube views after Ezaki Hikaru , much higher than the other members.

In addition, Huening Bahiyyih is also known to have extensive connections. As the younger sister of Huening Kai TXT and Huening Lea VIVA , this female idol has strong support from her family. Even though he is still a rookie, Huening Bahiyih is already close with members from other groups, such as Hong Eunchae LE SSERAFIM , Nana Woo!ah! , and Nayoung LIGHTSUM .

Huening Bahiyyih often does TikTok challenges with her idol friends to promote Kep1er songs. Now, the beautiful singer is expected to continue to strengthen her current strength and build a strong foothold in the Kpop industry. After experiencing various difficulties, Huening Bahiyyih managed to prove his talent and passion, while contributing to his group with wide connections and many international fans.

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