‘Blowing’ The 7-Year Curse, SEVENTEEN Tells The Ups And Downs Before Renewing The Contract

Avoiding The 7-Year Curse, SEVENTEEN Revealed The Ups And Downs Of The Members Before Deciding To Agree To Renew The Contract Together. Check Out The Full News Below.

“Breaking” the 7-year curse, SEVENTEEN (II) has renewed their contract with Pledis Entertainment in 2021. A year earlier, their decision to choose to walk together without any members leaving turned out to require more effort.

In a recent interview with Billboard, SEVENTEEN revealed the story behind OT13’s contract renewal. If Mingyu is known to be the middleman in their continuation, there are ups and downs about contract renewal according to other members.

“Renewing our contract, we had our own difficulties,” Joshua said .

Perhaps unexpectedly by fans, SEVENTEEN’s close relationship does not guarantee an easier contract renewal process. The discussion of renewing contracts is an area that is not encountered on a daily basis or is commonplace.

To find solutions to their respective priorities, the SEVENTEEN members tried to overcome them from various sides. The areas that must be adjusted are legal issues, mental and emotional capacities.

“Even though we are very close, renewing the contract is a new thing. The process is very complicated and difficult for us. It’s complicated anyway,” continued Joshua.

On three terms with his hyung, Vernon agreed that the contract renewal moment was difficult for all SEVENTEEN members. Even though they are stressed and have many worries, they still try to put on a cheerful face in front of fans.

“It was very difficult, yes. Not only as artists but also brothers, it was too complicated. So it was stressful,” said Vernon.

According to Vernon, some members tend to have problems instead of being carried away like him. For Vernon himself, he only wanted the best for everyone.

“I think there are members who are having a harder time than me because honestly I just want to do whatever the other members think is right,” said Vernon.

As a result of SEVENTEEN’s tough time with contract renewal, Vernon revealed that their bond is stronger than ever. In the end, they came to the right conclusion and satisfies all parties.

“We really had to guide ourselves through the whole process. I’m really grateful to the members. And luckily, in the end, everything went well,” concluded Vernon.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN is currently busy with the “Be The Sun” world tour in North America this August. Later they will greet more Carats in other regions from around the world.

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