Blue Dragon Series Awards 2022: Moments Of Jung Hae In-Han Hyo Joo And Kang Daniel Photobomb Viral

Han Hyo Joo And Jung Hae In Stood On The Stage Together While Receiving The P, Creating Quite A Spectacular Scene. On The Other Hand, Kang Daniel’s Photobomb Moment Also Went Viral.

The 2022 Blue Dragon Series Awards welcomed a star-studded guest list consisting of Jung Hae In , Han Hyo Joo , Im Siwan , Kang Daniel , and more. The event resulted in some much-talked-about moments.

This award ceremony focused on streaming production, also gathered a large number of celebrities, from YoonA , Han Hyo Joo , Kim Go Eun , Yoo Jae Seok , Jung Hae In, Hyeri , Yura , Seolhyun , Kai , Im Siwan, Kang Daniel, and so on. Here, many photos that include top stars managed to go viral.

As top stars on the Korean small screen, it’s no wonder that Jung Hae In and Han Hyo Joo attracted attention when they appeared in one frame while receiving the TIRTIR Popularity Award. In the photo taken, Jung Hae In looks like a handsome groom in his elegant tuxedo, while Han Hyo Joo shows her brightest smile.

Han Hyo Joo and Jung Hae In stood on stage together while receiving the TIRTIR Popularity Award, creating quite a spectacular scene. Han Hyo Joo’s bright smile easily steals hearts, while Jung Hae In looks handsome in a dashing tuxedo.

In her pink dress, Han Hyo Joo did not fail to show off her incredible beauty. The side-by-side photo of the actor and actress also received much praise, with many netizens hoping that Han Hyo Joo and Jung Hae In would collaborate on an acting project.

Kpop star Kang Daniel is probably the most “popular” face of the Blue Dragon Series Awards, as he appears in the most photos. For example, Jung Hae In, Im Siwan, Lee Je Hoon , Goo Kyu Hwan , and Yang Kyung Won took a photo together, and the figure in the background came into the spotlight.

In particular, in the distance, Kang Daniel’s cute face turning into a “photobomb” easily attracts attention. The K-pop idol seemed excited to appear in the midst of strong actors, and thus showed a very bright expression. Kang Daniel was also seen in another photo with Jung Hae In and Kai.

Despite sitting next to Kai, Kang Daniel admitted that he was too embarrassed to talk. “This is the first time I’m this close to senior Kai, and I feel amazing,” said the 1996 -born singer.

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