Both Have SM Visuals, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Appreciated Kim Jin Woo’s Handsome Appearance

Fans Were Excited Because BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Commented On WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo’s New Upload On His Personal Instagram Using A Second Account.

The interaction of K-Pop idols on social media has always succeeded in making fans excited. Moreover, if the idol does not seem to show closeness before.

This time, fans were excited by the interaction of idols under YG Entertainment. Even though they are one agency, idols under YG Entertainment rarely show their closeness.

Kim Jin Woo WINNER (II) ‘ s new upload via his personal Instagram account unexpectedly received comments from BIG BANG ‘s G-Dragon . Kim Jin Woo is known to share his new selfie holding a lollipop.

In the upload, the oldest member of WINNER did not forget to promote the group’s new song, “I Love You”. G-Dragon did not hesitate to give praise for Kim Jin Woo’s handsome visuals.

G-Dragon himself made the comment using his second Instagram account. G-Dragon is known to have 2 Instagram accounts but one of them is private.

On his second Instagram account, G-Dragon is known to follow hundreds of accounts and Kim Jin Woo is one of them different on his main account. G-Dragon was revealed to follow all of his friends’ accounts on both Instagram.

” Why are you so handsome, ” said G-Dragon. ” I think I’m handsome because I’m a dongsaeng hyungnim, ” replied Kim Jin Woo sweetly who revealed that he was handsome because he was G-Dragon’s younger brother.

Kim Jin Woo’s visuals have often been the talk of the town since his official debut in 2014. Kim Jin Woo is even considered to have SM idol-style visuals compared to YG. The interesting thing, G-Dragon actually also has SM visuals.

G-Dragon was known as a trainee under SM for 5 years before joining YG. After debuting with YG, then G-Dragon “changed” was judged to be YG’s “ideal visual”.

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