BTS, BLACKPINK And TWICE’s Southeast Asian Fan Ratio Becomes A Debate

A Netizen (OP) Recently Shared YouTube Views Data For A Period Of One Year Between BTS, TWICE And BLACKPINK From Southeast Asia And East Asia.

Southeast Asia has become one of the largest K-Pop fan bases in the world. Recently, the ratio of fans of BTS ( Bangtan Boys ), BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) and TWICE from this part of the Asian continent has become a debate among netizens.

A netizen (OP) recently shared YouTube views data for a period of one year between BTS, TWICE and BLACKPINK from Southeast Asia and East Asia.

The ratio of BTS fans from Southeast Asia and East Asia is quite balanced. From the data shared, the number has a ratio of 49:51 percent.

TWICE is also quite balanced with 45:54 percent from Southeast Asia and East Asia. But BLACKPINK has more views than Southeast Asia at 89:11 percent.

Many do not accept that BLACKPINK is claimed to be only strong from their fandom in Southeast Asia. Not a few argue that all fans are the same, no matter which continent they are from.

“This seems manipulated. BLACKPINK also has a strong fan base in other countries outside Southeast Asia,” commented netizens. “I actually feel TWICE is strong in Southeast Asia,” added another netizen.

“BLACKPINK fans claim that aespa only gets encouragement from China, that’s very funny. Even though BLACKPINK has the biggest Chinese push on their own album,” wrote a netizen.

“I still don’t understand why having more Southeast Asian fans than American fans is bad? In the end everyone is called fans, right?” said another.

“Be careful. When Southeast Asian fans turn around, half of the K-Pop fandom is gone. Southeast Asian fans always defend controversial idols desperately when many people leave them,” concluded another.

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