BTS Military Service Discussed Public Conference About Music Industry, Minister Of Culture Conveys Principles

Being Discussed At A Public Conference On The Music Industry On August 5, Park Bo Kyun As The Minister Of Culture, Sports And Tourism Conveyed His Principles In Response.

Recently, the discourse about the mandatory military service of BTS members ( Bangtan Boys ) is still a public concern. After the Minister of National Defense expressed his position regarding the military service policy of Jungkook cs, this time it was Park Bo Kyun’s turn as the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to express his position.

On August 5, South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held a public conference on the music industry. The event was held at the Seoul Copyright Protection Department office in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

The conference brought together Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo Kyun, Chairman Kim Chang Hwan of the Korea Music Content Association, President of the Korean Music Label Industry Association Yoon Dong Hwan, President of the Korean Singers Association Lee Ja Yeon, and agency officials. The agencies that sent representatives were HYBE, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Brave Entertainment, and Durduuru Artist Company.

During the event, Minister Park responded to a request by several participants to “make a decision about military service for pop culture artists like BTS as soon as possible”.

In particular, participants pointed out the issue of equality with other areas where the military exemption was applied and suggested that standards be made in advance including for pop culture artists. In addition, they also asked for relaxation on MV review, drafting of standard contracts, copyrights, reduction of concert ticket prices and others.

Minister Park Bo Kyun considers popular culture to be the charm of Korean culture and that K-Pop artists have contributed to its development. The minister will also look for ways to expand diversity through increasing regulation in the popular music industry.

“We will consider ways to expand diversity, such as increasing support for small and medium enterprises to enter overseas markets by expanding concert opportunities, and expanding support for local music studios and musicians,” Park Bo Kyun said.

Lastly, Park Bo Kyun revealed his principles regarding the release of BTS from the military. The minister intends to gather opinions and submit them to the more competent authorities.

“We will gather public opinion as a matter for the Ministry of National Defense to decide,” said Park Bo Kyun.

Under the current military service law, it is regulated that people with special skills in the arts and sports as determined by the Presidential Decree can be included in the arts and sports personnel recommended by the relevant Ministry.

In these cases, popular artists are not subject to special military service exemptions due to a lack of proper standards. With BTS’s achievements, the government considers it necessary to issue new regulations.

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