BTS Reportedly Earns Hundreds Of Billion Annual Income Despite Not Released Any Music

The Popularity Of BTS Can’t Be Doubted. How Not, This Group Is Reported To Receive An Annual Income Of Tens Of Billions Of Won Or The Equivalent Of Hundreds Of Billions Of Rupiah.

BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) is a boy group that has a myriad of musical works accompanied by achievements. So do not be surprised if their popularity continues to increase to the international realm.

Recently, BTS has again shown its popularity because it has entered the category of artists who earn billions of won even though they don’t release any music. The June 29 episode of Mnet’s “TMI News Show” featured successful K-pop idols who used to work as part-timers.

Suga ranks first because his income increases drastically every once in a while. It was revealed that Suga’s income while working as a convenience store clerk and delivery man was 219 thousand won per three days. Meanwhile, now, Suga is making billions of won with his music and promotions.

Then, “TMI News Show” revealed that BTS’s annual commercial cost is about 5 billion won. Thus, the group actually made more than 62 billion won from advertising alone. In addition, each BTS member currently has a net worth of around 500 billion won.

Of course, BTS’s struggle to reach this point is not an instant and easy thing. It is common knowledge that BTS, which came from a small agency, used to almost collapse because the company’s finances were unstable. This phrase was mentioned by Suga when he was on the tvN episode “You Quiz on the Block” in 2021 when BTS members came as guests.

“When I was 20 years old, this group almost collapsed. The company was not financially stable so we thought about our debut. I should have done something at that time. That’s why I applied for a part-time job,” said Suga. His inspiring story makes fans appreciate their achievements.

Due to difficult circumstances, Suga worked as a part-time worker in a convenience store and delivery service 10 years ago. She injured her shoulder in a traffic accident while giving birth in the rain and ended up having shoulder surgery in 2020.

Meanwhile, BTS is currently focusing on their respective solo activities. Like one of them Jungkook who released a collaboration song with Charlie Puth and J-Hope who also released his new album.

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