Bucin Since The First, Jessi Switched Bias From Jungkook To This BTS Member

In A Recent Live Broadcast, Jessi Was Asked About Her Love For Jungkook. The Sexy Singer Shared That There Is Another Member He Really Loves Right Now.

Jessica Ho , who is often called Jessi , recently said that her favorite member in BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) is not Jungkook anymore. Who?

In the past, Jessi has proven herself to be a true ARMY. During the episode “Showterview.” The singer who is attached to the sexy image also shared his admiration for Jungkook.

Jessi even hopes to collaborate with the youngest member of BTS. However, it seems that another member has caught his attention recently.

In a recent live broadcast, Jessi was asked about her love for Jungkook. “Who doesn’t (like Jungkook)? He’s amazing,” said the “NUNU NANA” singer.

But Jessi shared that there is another member that she really loves right now. Not Jungkook, the member is J-Hope .

Jessi then explained why she was obsessed with J-Hope and even chose one of his songs that she liked the most, and it was impossible to disagree.

“You know who I really love. I love J-Hope. J-Hope is amazing,” said Jessi.

Jessi basically said she loved J-Hope’s vibe and energy. When “Chicken Noodle Soup” was released, he really liked the song and kept listening to it.

Of course, it’s not new news for ARMYs how good J-Hope is with his dance and performances. J-Hope has always impressed netizens with his dance and stage performances since the group debuted in 2013.

Jessi then went on to explain that, even though she has shared her love for Jungkook and J-Hope, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like the other members and how that is genuine admiration.

Over the years, Jessi has never said anything bad about BTS and has always shown her sincere support for the group. Whenever she meets them, she always stays true to her personality and never fails to make everyone smile.

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