Charlie Puth Gives Exorbitant Praise For Jungkook BTS’s Vocal Technical Which Is Considered Extraordinary

Previously Jungkook Managed To Take The World By Storm With His Stunning Vocals, Visuals, And Appearance In His Collaboration With Charlie Puth In The Song ‘Left And Right’.

Charlie Puth recently gave Jungkook a lot of praise by describing the vocals of the youngest Bangtan Boys member as “Miraculously Perfect”. Not only that, Charlie Puth also did not hesitate to praise Jungkook’s “Perfect Pitch” which he considered impressive.

Previously Jungkook managed to shake the world with his vocals, visuals, and stunning performances in his collaboration with Charlie Puth in the song “Left and Right”. The song has broken countless records since its release and has hit 91 million streams on Spotify in a record 21 days.

Upon its release, Charlie Puth revealed in an interview that Jungkook’s vocals were so impressive that he considered it “AMiraculously Perfect”. The “One Call Away” singer also said that he didn’t need to change Jungkook’s vocals in any way because of how perfect they were.

Charlie then mentioned many times that Jungkook had the perfect pitch because he easily sang the exact tune Charlie asked him to sing. Charlie mentioned that Jungkook has very good ears and is able to pick up notes and sing them easily.

Meanwhile Jungkook also showed his perfect pitch ability in the previous episode of “Run BTS” and that’s the reason Jungkook never sings off-pitch when he sings live or in the studio. It should be mentioned that having the perfect pitch of voice is a highly valued and rare special ability that few musicians possess.

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