Chemistry Couple SNSD Yoona & Lee Jong Suk Highlighted After ‘Big Mouth’ Rating Scored A Record

The Latest Episode Of ‘Big Mouth’ Has Proven To Be Highly Anticipated By The Audience. This Drama Was Recorded To Reach 9.8 Percent Which Is The Highest Rating Throughout Its Broadcast So Far.

” Big Mouth ” aired the latest episode on Friday (12/8). In the latest episode, Park Chang Ho ( Lee Jong Suk ) is increasingly successful in making the bad people around him think that he is the real Big Mouse.

The latest episode of “Big Mouth” shows Park Chang Ho who managed to shock Gong Ji Hoon ( Yang Kyung Won ) and his allies. Because the man managed to correctly name who the drug customers from Big Mouse were.

Soon after, Park Chang Ho became the new “boss” figure in prison. The lawyer who was framed for the murder case even began to take revenge on the VVIP prisoners who had intended to kill him.

Elsewhere, Go Mi Ho ( YoonA ) is also struggling in other ways to restore the good name of her husband, Park Chang Ho. The woman who works as a lawyer did not even hesitate to put herself in danger.

The latest episode of “Big Mouth” has proven to be highly anticipated by the audience. According to Nielsen Korea, this drama was recorded at 9.8 percent, which is the highest rating throughout its broadcast so far.

The fifth episode of “Big Mouth” also immediately drew the spotlight of South Korean netizens. In particular, netizens praised Lee Jong Suk and YoonA’s chemistry even though the drama couple didn’t have many scenes together.

Lee Jong Suk-Yoona’s chemistry is crazy. Lee Jong Suk is seriously only going in a good direction. His acting is really good. Yoona too, now that I see her, she can act with a lot of emotions. I really hope to see them both in a romantic comedy next time and also did a photo shoot together,” wrote one netizen.

“At this point, this is a gift for Lee Jongsuk but I also see Yoona in a new light. The characters are all charming and they are attached to you,” added another. “It’s very fun and there are no acting holes. The casting is good and the story is interesting,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, “Big Mouth” will return with a new episode on Saturday (13/8) tonight. Don’t miss watching it.

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