Chuu’s Gloomy Expression At The LOONA World Concert Made Fans Inflamed

Chuu Was Recently Reported To Have Left Blockberry Creative. Inside Sources Say Chuu Will Most Likely Join A New Agency Called BY4M Studio.

LOONA is now preparing to hold a world concert tour titled “2022 LOONA 1st World Tour (LOONATHEWORLD)”. However, it was announced that Chuu could not take part due to other schedules.

Recently, Chuu’s expression during the LOONA world concert tour was said to have attracted the attention of netizens. At that time, the beautiful idol along with other LOONA members was holding a showcase for the “Flip That” comeback.

When the MCs of the show talked about LOONA holding a world concert tour, LOONA’s face looked gloomy and sad. Chuu’s sad expression made fans even more inflamed at the Blockberry Creative agency, which was considered incompetent.

” I will not forgive you for this. I hate you Blockberry ,” wrote one netizen. ” Can we make a petition for Chuu to participate in the tour?? :(( he looks really annoyed ,” continued another.

On the other hand, Chuu was recently reported to have left Blockberry Creative. Inside sources say Chuu will most likely join BY4M Studio. The 1999-born idol with his new agency candidate is allegedly discussing the details of an exclusive management contract.

As soon as the news of this departure was released, fansite master Chuu opened his voice to reveal the alleged bad behavior by Blockberry Creative to their favorite idol. The fansite master reveals all the things that Blockberry Creative failed to do for Chuu as an artist under their care.

Blockberry Creative was accused of not taking Chuu to and from work, thus allowing the beautiful idol to come home from work alone. “They haven’t given Jiwoo (Chuu’s real name) a manager for his solo schedule since May. That’s why Jiwoo took a taxi for all his schedules and also brought his own luggage, this bastard,” said fansite master Chuu.

Since Chuu was rumored to have filed for a suspension of his contract with Blockberry Creative back in March, it seems that the relationship between him and his company has been shaky. Even so, fans pointed out that the agency is still obligated to manage and care for Chuu until the contract expiration date.

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