Circulating Old Photos Of Hwang In Yeop During School, Prove More Glow Up

Recently, Hwang In Yeop Became A Fan Discussion After His Old School Photos Appeared. Instead Of Looking For Differences, This One Actor Reaps Admiration Because There Is Almost No Change.

Hwang In Yeop ‘s popularity continues to increase until now along with his drama works. However, recently an old photo of Hwang In Yeop has been circulating before his debut as an actor which shows himself during school.

A photo of Hwang In Yeop studying abroad in the Philippines was uploaded to the online community on Saturday (11/6). In the photo, Hwang In Yeop showed off a unique visual and physical appearance that made him stand out.

Her white skin, sharp nose and sharp eyes prove that her appearance hasn’t changed much. His extraordinary height attracts special attention.

As is known, Hwang In Yeop studied at the Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School (PNJKIS) in the Philippines. She graduated from the Women’s College of Davao (PWCD) majoring in Art Design which is also in the country.

According to information circulating, Hwang In Yeop acted as a model for his friends while studying at the Art Design Department during his college days. However, he was not very popular at that time.

Establishing himself for a career as an actor, Hwang In Yeop has finally become a public figure who is now loved by many fans. Hwang In Yeop made his debut in 2018 through the web series ” Why “. She then made her name known by appearing in several dramas, such as JTBC’s ” 18 Again “, tvN’s ” True Beauty ” and Netflix’s ” The Sound of Magic “.

Now, Hwang In Yeop is gaining explosive popularity by appearing with Seo Hyun Jin in the currently airing SBS Friday-Saturday drama ” Why Her “. This became a drama where Hwang In Yeop became the main character after being known as the second lead in his previous project .

When interviewed, Hwang In Yeop revealed the drama he was in. He admitted that he could not forget the unique and unusual title of the drama.

“When I first came across the drama ‘Why Her?’ the title feels so new and impactful, so it’s a title that I can’t forget. After reading the script for the first time, the story of Oh Soo Jae and Gong Chan felt so sad and beautiful to me. And I felt so captivated by Gong Chan’s narration that his painful past was connected with the present,” he said in an interview.

It’s true, this drama received high ratings which affected how the show garnered a lot of interest. As a result, his figure will always be awaited by his loyal viewers.

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