‘Clifford, the big red dog’: This is a day at work with the huge and adorable crimson pet that will conquer your heart

Get ready because on June 3 the great Clifford arrives on Prime Video . No, we are not referring to the new enemy of Godzilla himself, but to the lovable crimson hound starring in the most familiar movie this Christmas , Clifford the Big Red Dog . The Paramount Pictures film promises to conquer the hearts of young and old, with a story about the beautiful friendship of a girl and her pet. A pet that grows in proportion to the unconditional love that the little girl feels for her, until she becomes a huge creature, which you will surely be dying to cuddle.

We do not deny that it is also cuddly for us, but can you imagine the chaos it can be to have the great Clifford roaming freely around your house, your office or your neighborhood? The protagonist, Darby Camp , and the rest of the main cast of the film directed by Walt Becker talk about the experience of working with a pet of such size in the funny video that you can see above .

It seems that sharing scenes with a pet of these proportions is ” fantastic ” -removing some setbacks such as sudden sneezes or eating catering food- as Rosie Perez assures . ” It’s so big and soft that you want to squeeze it and hug it “, explains the actress who brings Lucille to life. The same opinion is shared by her co-star, Jessica Keenan Wynn , who in the middle of the interview has to ask Clifford not to eat the hummus that they have prepared for the actors and actresses in the film.


Clifford signs up for everything, and to promote his imminent arrival in theaters, the scarlet canine has appeared, on his official Twitter account, dressed as Godzilla to celebrate Halloween. A tweet in which you can read: ” Of course, Clifford is a kaiju for Halloween “. Surely the great Clifford is not the only mascot that is going to dress up for the scariest night of the year; although surely yours does not need a size XXXL.

Clifford the Big Red Dog is inspired by the character created by Norman Bridwell for Scholastic’s series of children’s books, Clifford the Big Red Dog . A collection, started in 1963, that has 150 titles, and more than 129 million printed books, translated into 13 languages . The success of Bridwell’s work led the crimson dog to make the leap to the small screen, in 2000, with the animated fiction, Clifford, the big red dog -available in Spain on Amazon Prime Video.

The story introduces us to Emily Elizabeth (Camp), a teenager trying to fit in with her high school peers and her family life, which she shares with her mother ( Sienna Guillory ). Her world changes when she meets a magical animal rescuer, who gives her a cute puppy. Emily is happy to finally have a pet. But what is her surprise when she finds that that sweet puppy has become a huge hound, that almost does not fit in the house. While her mom is away on work, Emily and her hilarious uncle Casey ( Jack Whitehall ) try to show everyone in the Big Apple that Clifford’s size is in proportion to how loving and lovable he is. .

Tony Hale , David Alan Grier , Russell Wong and John Cleese round out the main cast of the film.

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