CL’s Shirt Model Has A Rocket In This Area That Makes The Eyes Literate

The Latest Upload Of CL Wearing Clothes With Unique Designs Around Her Chest Area Made Her A Lot Of Discussion Because This Solo Singer Appeared Boldly.

CL has grown into a world class artist by making an impact in the world of K-pop and fashion. From every appearance of a CL, she is often discussed because she has an eccentric and bold style. In fact, this former 2NE1 member can also appear tomboyish by wearing oversized and feminine clothes with his own characteristics.

As has recently become a hot topic of discussion. CL’s outfit was successful in making anyone open their eyes or awake because of the singer’s eccentric and sexy style. The photos show CL showing off her unique fashion style in Paris, France, and exuding an extraordinary celebrity aura with her poses.

On Tuesday (5/7), CL updated her upload on Instagram where she seemed to show that she was in Paris, France. “A very cheerful day in Paris,” CL wrote in the caption of her upload.

What makes netizens fail to focus is how the design of the shirt CL is wearing is shaped like a rocket around her chest . CL showed confidence by wearing a corset top as well as a design reminiscent of a rocket on her chest. She shows off her big body and gives off a unique chic vibe.

Moreover, the design of her clothes shows her level of sexiness as an artist, CL has succeeded in making people’s eyes open because of the unique elements in the area of ​​her clothes. CL also proved that she is one of the representative fashion icons in the entertainment industry by perfectly wearing unusual outfits with colorful accessories such as earrings and sunglasses. For this, many gave a surprised response because of CL’s courage in posing.

“You are so perfect,” commented netizens. “You look very sexy,” commented another netizen. “I love you so much,” wrote another comment. “A fashion icon. CL is a legend,” wrote netizens. “You look like Lady Gaga”, “You are beautiful and sexy,” another commented.

Meanwhile, CL is reported to be attending concerts in various countries. He joined the lineup of performers at “WIRELESS FESTIVAL” held in Germany on July 8, “RFM SOMNII” in Portugal on July 9, and “SUMMER SONIC” which will be held in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan on August 20-21.

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